• Sticky Notes and Firefox Settings & Bookmarks are automatically saved on your boot device, you don't need to save them manually
  • For security reasons your firefox passwords will not be saved on your BootDevice
  • if plan to use it on a computer without frequency scaling capabilities and/or Brightness Manager move the module aac-notebookpower-applets.lzm from PixieLive/modules to PixieLive/optionals (or you will get an error message once you start gnome, it's not harmful, just annoying if you use it frequently)
  • For boot on Sony Vaio P you need to add at boot "mem=1900MB" (press -TAB- and edit the line in the blue screen of the boot loader) if you have 2GB RAM version, or it will not work (scale the 1900 appropriately if you have a different quantity of RAM) (thanks to electrodacus).

  • You can find some updates here
  • and some ScreenShots here