• This is NOT a stable release
  • no new features added from ToDo list,
  • Added tuxonice for suspension + hibernation
  • Added EMGD-1.5 drivers for Poulsbo
  • Added other drivers (ATI (radeon and fglrx), NVIDIA (nv, nvidia, nouveau), INTEL (hopefully gmaXXXX wiill work))
  • Added glxgears to test 3D performance

If you want to test it and give some feedback, download it and enjoy, if you want a stable release, stick to the 1.0

known bugs:

  • blueman is not working due to a dbus misconfiguration
  • vlc is compiled without graphical interface
  • mplayer is not present yet
  • libva doesn't work with emgd at the moment

You can change the emgd resolution by editing the PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/X11/xorg.conf.psb, if you computer is not 1366x768

This release is outdated, please try PixieLive-1.1beta2

Download: pixielive-1.1beta.tar.gz