• boot from iso: use iso=ISONAME.iso cheatcode at boot
  • boot from a specific device (with uuid) chatcode uuid=UUIDOFYOURDEVICE
  • chromium opera and firefox included
  • NetworkManager with VPN support
  • openbox insted of metacity by default (60 fps more in glxgear on GMA500)
  • Save Settings Integrated in every single package
  • nvidia and ATI drivers included
  • mplayer with vaapi works on some video formats (without vaapi should work always)
  • a new cheatcode Xemgd=1024x768 allow you to set the resolution at boot on GMA500 cards

most of packages made for the 1.0 are already included, latex is not present at the moment, it's called beta just because there are some features i want to add, but it should be stable

  • If you want to use an USB Stick modem, add this module usb_modeswitch.lzm in the modules directory
  • OSMO personal organizer package: OSMO-0.2.10 (it saves changes automatically)
  • to enable libva on GMA500 you should add libva-update to the boot parameter in boot/bootmenu.cfg after the max_loop=256 or just add it at boot pressing TAB in the boot menu

download: Pixielive-1.1beta2.tar.gz

MD5: 72915a557abee392eece20585c1a163a *Pixielive-1.1beta2.tar.gz

report bugs in comments please,