• EMGD-1.10
  • kernel-3.2.5
  • gPodder
  • Rhythmbox
  • every program updated
  • most of the standard features of PixieLive-2

Known bugs:

  • Some warnings shown during boot and shutdown, had no time to correct them, most of them are due to the change to openrc
  • No suspend to disk (hibernation) because tuxonice is not ready for kernel-3.2.5
  • Some hardware support could be missing

Help is welcome:

  • If you know how to fix some problems, mainly boot and shutdown errors please let me know, i will have really few time for the next two months

If you have hardware which should be included in the kernel let me know, i will need the output of "lspci; lspci -n; lsusb". It would be even better if you can tell me what to enable in the kernel configuration.

Alpha means under development, let me know how stable it is :-D

Download: PixieLive3-alpha.tar

md5sum: e053cb8812b09190ccec5c1869c1051b *PixieLive-3-alpha.tar