[PixieLive3-RC1.torrent!!!Cheatcodes (to be specified on the bootloader "blue" screen):

  • fulllive -> disable every kind of persistent changes, nothing will be saved on your pendrive
  • nobind -> doesn't bind mount the data directories from the Pendrive to the $HOME
  • nochanges -> doesn't use the settings saved "on-demand"
  • nolivechanges -> doesn't use the live_changes (settings saved automatically, for email, sticky notes, calendar, dropbox and calibre)
  • encfs -> activate the encryption for sensitive data (changes, live_changes and directory Private), it will ask for a password
  • unsafepasswords -> allow the save-settings script to save unencrypted sensitive data (i.e. even if encfs is not used)
  • noload=packages,list > do not load the specified .lzm modules (e.g. noload=emgd -> do not load emgd-1.16.lzm module, the gma500_gfx kernel module will be used instead, this coud work also for gma600)
  • keepxorgconf -> avoid the system to replace the xorg.conf (if you saved it) when you using the emgd driver
  • zram -> enable zram (ram compression system) system
  • X=(no,e17,openbox,gnome,default) -> select the default desktop manager ("no" means X will not be started)
  • Xemgd=1024x768 -> change the default resolution for the emgd driver

As usual PixieLive comes with a big software selection:

Desktop environments:

  • Gnome-2.32.1 (default, with openbox as windows manager)
  • Enlightenment-0.17.1
  • Openbox


  • gcc
  • qt-creator


  • Crack-attack
  • Battle for Wesnoth
  • ZSnes (SNES emulator)


  • Darktable (RAW images editor)
  • GIMP (Image editor)
  • Geeqie (Image Viewer)
  • Gtkam (Download your images from the camera)
  • Inkscape (Vector graphics editor)


  • gVim
  • Emacs


  • Calibre (E-book library manager)
  • Freemind (Mind-mapping software)
  • LibreOffice (Free office suite)
  • LaTeX
  • Lyx (Frontend for LaTeX)
  • Osmo (Personal Organizer)
  • Texmaker (LaTeX development Environment)
  • TeXstudio (LaTeX development Environment)


  • Chromium (Open-source version of Google Chrome web browser)
  • Deluge (BitTorrent client)
  • Dropbox (Online files syncing)
  • FileZilla (FTP client)
  • Firefox (Web broswer, for license problems called Aurora in PixieLive)
  • Liferea (News, feed RSS reader)
  • Opera (Web browser)
  • Pidgin (Chat and istant messaging)
  • Skype (Chat, instant messaging and VoIP client)
  • Thunderbird (Mail and news reader, for license problems called EarlyBird in PixieLive)


  • Audacity (Record and edit audio files)
  • Cheese (Take photos and videos with the webcam)
  • Mplayer (Media player)
  • Rhythmbox (Audio player and organizer)

Network Analysis:

  • Aircrack-ng
  • Ettercap
  • Kismet
  • Metasploit
  • Nmap
  • Zenmap
  • Wireshark


  • Docky (The finest dock no money can buy)
  • Wine (For windows programs)
  • GParted (Partition manager)
  • xvkbd (Virtual Keyboard for touchscreens)

Known bugs:

  • RadeonHD cards are known to have some problems loading, if you can solve them, please let me know


  • If you want to try enlightenment you will have to logout from gnome, select enlightenment as session type, and login or use the X=e17 cheatcode
  • You can change users passwords and save them with the "Save System Settings (/etc)" program
    • Default Username: pixielive Password: pixielive
    • Default root Username: root Password: toor
  • If you want to test it on a GMA600 try filtering the emgd package with the cheatcode noload=emgd


  • To install on a USB pendrive just:
    • extract the content of the iso on the pendrive
    • DO NOT RENAME the PixieLive3RC1 directory
    • change directory to PixieLive3RC1/boot
    • run the script ./bootinst.sh


  • This is a Release Candidate, it's not supposed to be 100% stable... I decline any liability for persons, property damage or especially direct, indirect, immediate or subsequent pecuniary loss which may result from the use of PixieLive3RC1. Especially excluded is liability for hardware damage, loss of data, alteration of data, or downtime.

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