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Friday, December 20 2013

PixieLive4 to HDD as "normal" distro

Dear PixieLive4 users, since some of you wanted to install PixieLive4 on their NetBooks HDD as "normal" (i.e. non live) distro, here is the quick and dirty guide.

It's pretty straight forward, it can be summarized as:

  • prepare an HDD partition
  • extract the lzm modules
  • remove pixielive scripts
  • create missing directories
  • copy /dev
  • create an /etc/fstab
  • install and configure grub (the bootloader)
  • reboot and have fun!

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Thursday, April 11 2013

PixieLive3RC1, modules cutomization

A quick explanation on how to customize the modules in your Pendrive, removing unnecessary programs to earn some space.

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Wednesday, August 25 2010

How to install it on your HDD

If you don't like to use PixieLive from the SD card (i.e. because you want your SD slot free) and you don't want to use it from your USB pendrive, you can run it from any partition on your HDD, you just need a partition, and GRUB.

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