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Monday, January 30 2012

Direct Download for PixieLive-2.0

Since we had some problems with torrent, a direct download link for PixieLive-2.0 is available: http://pixielive.org/PixieLive-2.0.tar

Thursday, September 2 2010

Compositing on GMA500, desktop smoothness!!!

A small update which enable compositing on your Gnome Desktop, your windows has never been so smooth!

You will notice a big improvement for your eyes.

It's tested on gma500, may work on other cards...

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Tuesday, August 31 2010

Fix for ext installation

This is a fix to allow PixieLive to automatically save StickyNotes and to link Documents even if you are booting from an ext(2,3,4) partition

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Wednesday, August 25 2010

First Update (nautilus preview disabled):

Nautilus preview feature has been disabled by default to improve performance on netbooks, download after the jump...

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