How-To install on USB Pendrive

A little guide to make a bootable USB or SD card, this is the standard way to use PixieLive (and many other GNU/Linux Live systems)

  1. make a backup of all the data on your pendrive
  2. copy the PixieLive4 directory from inside the ISO to your pendrive
  3. make sure to have a backup of all you pendrive data!!!
  4. install the bootloader depending on your system:
  • On Windows open the command prompt as ADMINISTRATOR (it's in Accessories) then
   X: (where X is your pendrive letter)
   cd PixieLive4
   cd boot

and follow the instruction

  • On Linux open the terminal (i.e. xterm, konsole), then mount your pendrive, then
   cd /PATHTOYOURPENDRIVE/PixieLive4/boot
   sudo ./ #(if you have a sudo equipped distribution)


   su #(you will be asked for root admin password)
   ./ #(as root)

and follow the instruction


  1. unmount your drive
  2. reboot
  3. set your BIOS to boot from USB devices

for some unknown reasons the windows way doesn't work on my drive, it will be corrupted and i have to re-format it, that's the reason because i said make sure to have a backup of all you pendrive data before trying!!! if you can, do it from linux, it's safer

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