How to install on HDD

If you don't like to use PixieLive from the SD card (i.e. because you want your SD slot free) and you don't want to use it from your USB pendrive, you can run it from any partition on your HDD, you just need a partition, and GRUB.

A quick how-to:

  • copy the PixieLive4 directory into the partition you prefer (but preferably NOT a NTFS or the system will slow down due to the ntfs-3g slowness)
  • DO NOT RENAME the PixieLive4 directory (or read below to understand how to do it properly)
  • set the PixieLive4 section in your grub menu.lst in this way:

title PixieLive4
kernel /PixieLive4/boot/vmlinuz rw
initrd /PixieLive4/boot/initrfs.img

  • pay attention, the numbering of partitions in (hd0, ?) start from 0, not from 1, so /dev/sda3 is (hd0,2)
  • if you want to use more cheatcodes add them to the kernel line
  • add mem=XXXXMB to the kernel line for Sony Vaio P (where XXXX is total ram in MB -100)
  • if you want to rename the PixieLive4 directory (e.g. to avoid conflicts when you use PixieLive4 from your pendrive) you have to correct the GRUB config:
    • rename the kernel directory accordingly (kernel /NEWDIRECTORYNAME/boot/vmlinuz)
    • rename the initrd directory accordingly (initrd /NEWDIRECTORYNAME/ boot/initrfs.img)
    • add the cheatcode (from=NEWDIRECTORYNAME) on the kernel line
    • example:

      title PixieLive4
      root (hd0, NUMBER_OF_THE_PARTITION)
      kernel /NEWDIRECTORYNAME/boot/vmlinuz rw from=NEWDIRECTORYNAME
      initrd /NEWDIRECTORYNAME/boot/initrfs.img

PS: If you don't have have any grub installed, because you don't have any other linux distro installed... i think you will need to google a little bit to find out the solution, you can also install it from a Live PixieLive4

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