PixieLive-1.0 is Live!

The first stable version of PixieLive has been released!

Download via BitTorrent: PixieLive-1.0

Direct Download: PixieLive-1.0

Gentoo Linux + linux-live.org based live ditribution for GMA500 (aka poulsbo, psb) equipped netbooks.

It works on other kinds of hardware anyway, most of kernel drivers are compiled in.

Key Features:

  • boot live from USB or SD/MMC
  • persistent changes
  • Custom Settings Saver
  • Gnome-2.30
  • LCD brightness control
  • Processor Power states (Energy saving)
  • Wicd (Easy Network configuration)
  • Bluetooth
  • OpenOffice (Office Suite)
  • Gimp (graphic editor)
  • Inkscape (vectorial graphic)
  • GTKam (digital camera management)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Web Browser)
  • MPlayer (Media Player)
  • Skype (VoIP / IM client)
  • Pidgin (IM Client)
  • Deluge (bittorrent client)
  • Filezilla (FTP Client)
  • Samba support
  • MidnighCommander (CommandLine FileManager)
  • GParted (Partition Manager)
  • partimage (partition backup utility)
  • Luks encrypted disks support
  • Aircrack-ng
  • Wireshark
  • Zenmap
  • Suspension and Hibernation
  • Size < 1GB (good for PoorMan Pendrive | SD)
  • r
root password: toor
pixielive password: pixielive

to make the disk bootable you can run:
boot/bootinst.bat (DOS/Windows)
boot/bootinst.sh (GNU/Linux)


  • Sticky Notes and Firefox Settings & Bookmarks are automatically saved on your boot device, you don't need to save them manually
  • For security reasons your firefox passwords will not be saved on your BootDevice
  • if plan to use it on a computer without frequency scaling capabilities and/or Brightness Manager move the module aac-notebookpower-applets.lzm from PixieLive/modules to PixieLive/optionals (or you will get an error message once you start gnome, it's not harmful, just annoying if you use it frequently)
  • For boot on Sony Vaio P you need to add at boot "mem=1900MB" (press -TAB- and edit the line in the blue screen of the boot loader) if you have 2GB RAM version, or it will not work (scale the 1900 appropriately if you have a different quantity of RAM) (thanks to electrodacus).

  • You can find some updates here
  • and some ScreenShots here


1. On Monday, August 23 2010, 23:40 by gas

I'll put in good use aircrack-ng next time I make a trip :D

Thank you

2. On Tuesday, August 24 2010, 18:50 by Jandro

Oh my god! Run perfectly on nokia booklet, very very very fast, how i can install it?

3. On Tuesday, August 24 2010, 19:09 by simplygades

Really nice! But I have an unused partition on my HDD, if I copy the files on an ext filesystem and update grub on my ubuntu installation would that work?

4. On Wednesday, August 25 2010, 00:02 by Christian Lorandi

i think the best way (what i do on my EEEPC 1101HA) is to put PixieLive on a SD card, leave it in the SD slot (off course set it as boot device in BIOS Settings) and forget about the disk of your PC ;)
you can alternatively move the PixieLive directory wherever you want, the problem is the boot directory with vmlinuz, initrd, ant the bootloader setting. I think you can install grub and copy the configuration from syslinux.cfg (changing something), gotta check, i will let you know

boot from ext should work well, not sure about grub configuration, i suppose it can work, as i told to for jandro... gotta check it :-) [if you try and get some success please let me know]

USB pendrives and SD cards can be quicker than laptops HDD [if they are good], and for sure they will consume less power, so think about them if you are gonna use your netbook battery powered, with a SD card boot, your HDD can stay in standby all the time (automatic from laptop_mode if you are on battery)

5. On Wednesday, August 25 2010, 09:04 by Christian Lorandi


boot from grub works!!!

and you don't need any dedicated partition, you can copy the PixieLive directory in any existing partition, set up GRUB, and it will start flawlessly (just DON'T put it on a NTFS partition, ntfs-3g is a little heavy, it will slow down your system probably)

and remember you are not root, so if you want the standard Documents dir on you boot device you will have to create it as root, and set pixielive as owner, same thing for PixieLive/Settings, (i will do it automatically in the next update)


  • you can put PixieLive in the partition you prefer (avoid NTFS)
  • you can put vmlinuz and initrd.gz in the partition you prefer but be careful to not overwrite files with the same name (they are the only files you need from the boot directory)
  • you can put vmlinuz and initrd.gz in the PixieLive directory if you want, but change the path in grub
  • basically you can have the whole distro in ONE Directory

grub entry configuration:

title PixieLive (Suspend Enabled)
kernel /PATHTOTHEVMLINUZFILE/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=9000 resume=YOUR_SWAP_DIR rw AllowSuspension

6. On Wednesday, August 25 2010, 19:07 by Attila

Hi, great OS, I'm going to install it but I don't know how to properly.
What is the good directory I have to put on my partition? boot or pixielive or both?
Leave me some informations please ;)

7. On Wednesday, August 25 2010, 21:39 by Christian Lorandi

@attila, @jandro, @simplygades

you can find the quick tutorial i wrote about HDD installation here

8. On Saturday, August 28 2010, 14:25 by RapierTG

Will definitelly give it a try on my BenQ u121. Was actually looking for some linux like Pixie. Hope there wont be any issues like i had with other distros.
Great job!

9. On Saturday, August 28 2010, 15:13 by RapierTG

As i thoght blank screen after boot. Its common problem with my netbook and linux, and although i have a how-to for ubuntu i dont know how to fix this with Pixielive.

10. On Saturday, August 28 2010, 15:26 by Christian Lorandi


post the link for Ubuntu you have, i will do my best to support your card, it's quite strange because it's a gma500... post your lspci output please, may be my auto recognition will not work on your computer

you can also try to put this xorg.conf gma500 in your PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/X11 (the X is uppercase) (create the directory if not present) and reboot

11. On Saturday, August 28 2010, 18:27 by RapierTG

Thanks for Your reply Christian Lorandi.
The how-to explaining what to do to get u121 working, which is quite troublesome on linux, can be found here:
Currently i cannot paste lspci becouse i only have windows on it and Pixie is not working.

Copying xorg.conf gives no help.

12. On Saturday, August 28 2010, 23:23 by Christian Lorandi


is your computer frozen after boot on PixieLive? cannot you go on the console pressing [CTRL]+[ALT]+[F1] ?

  • if you can, do it, log in as root (password: toor) and then save your lspci with the command "lspci > /mnt/sdb1/lspci.pixielive" and then another one "lspci -n > /mnt/sdb1/lspci.pixielive.n"
  • if you cannot, i will send you a file to stop X autostart and try to get access to the shellin this way
i read your link
  • you can try to create a file named /PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6 (not all the directory tree is present, create it) and write "psb" in this file, this will load the psb module early in the boot sequence, allowing (if you are lucky) X to start
  • also add mem=1900MB in your boot parameters can help (pressing tab on the bootloader blue-screen with the logo you can edit the parameters)(change 1900 qith your RAM-Size - 100MB) (at least this works for Sony Vaio P...)
let me know your results please

thank you, Christian
13. On Sunday, August 29 2010, 12:26 by RapierTG

@Christian Lorandi
Computer was frozen and nothing worked but hard reset.
Timing was the problem here with psb, like with Ubuntu in the link given by me, earlier loading the module worked.
I was succeded to run pixie earlier with vesa to give you the lspci but the lspci dont work.
Now, when the video is quite sorted, i found that every problem in the link given by me occur in pixielive too. This include:
-resetting the pc make it turn off
-it wakes up immedietally after sleep, due to usb unbind issue
-wlan cant find any network-think it load wrong driver.
My netbook really hates linux, but ill try to sort it anyway becouse i find pixie really nice.
Thanks for help,

14. On Sunday, August 29 2010, 13:49 by Christian Lorandi


at least graphic worked :-) now we can try to fix the rest, try to:

  • create a file named /PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf containing this text "blacklist rt2800usb"
    this will hopefully solve the WiFi problem
  • the reset problem don't seems to be a so big issue, you can shutdown and the power-on again, anyway, try to add reboot=b on /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg on every APPEND line (after the "rw")
  • about suspend, write in the PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/pm/sleep.d/10_unbindUSB the content written in the link you provided
  • n
  • try also to write SUSPEND_MODULES="jme" in PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/pm/config.d/05suspend_modules
if we will be able to fix all i will make a fix-module for you netbook model, so everyone else con use it easily

thank you, Christian
15. On Sunday, August 29 2010, 17:47 by RapierTG

Rebooting works excellent now.

As of wireless, after blacklisting rt2800usb it seems no other module is loaded instead. In lsmod i cannot find anything realated to rtxxxx. And it should load something like rt3070.

Suspend works, but after wakeing up system is unuseable, everything i try to do ends up with input/output error.

16. On Monday, August 30 2010, 09:01 by Christian Lorandi

can you post your "lsmod -n" please? in my kernel config there are no rt3xxx modules, and all the rt2xxx are already compiled in, may be 2.6.32 is a too early version?

17. On Monday, August 30 2010, 13:49 by RapierTG

Here is my lsmod:
Dont know what is the problem. In ubuntu blacklisting wrong module was enough to get it working.

18. On Monday, August 30 2010, 14:48 by Christian Lorandi


the problem is simple (not to solve): no modules for your WiFi card in gentoo (probably)

i will check, but in kernel 2.6.32 i can't find them

19. On Monday, August 30 2010, 17:14 by RapierTG

Im stuck with Windows till my netbook gets better support by Linux. Thanks for your time helping me.

20. On Wednesday, September 8 2010, 18:55 by VG

How it can be over 800Mb if it slightly have no apps??? Puppy linux have even more apps and only 300Kb (Kb - not Mb)!

21. On Thursday, September 9 2010, 01:59 by Christian Lorandi


no apps? LOL is this trolling or what?

pully linux 5 is about 130 MB (MB, not kB)

anyway they use IceWM instead of Gnome, no OpenOffice (it grow up to 256MB with OpenOffice), no gcc and all the stuff needed to compile the system and... no gma500 support, and probably many other differences...

i left for sure many useless tools in pixielive (gcc is useless for most people) but... who cares? 850MB is less than 1 GB (allowing cheap SD card or pendrive), it works on gma500, that's my aim, this is not "another live distribution", it's a distribution supporting poulsbo, and may be also something more

22. On Sunday, September 12 2010, 20:11 by Robin


I'd like to commend you on the work that you've done. It's great, and actually works out of the box, even for someone with no prior Linux experience like me :)
I'm using 1st gen Vaio P, and pretty much everything works nicely. Couple of questions:
1. I can't get the middle mouse button to work to scroll. Any idea how to make this work?
2. On other distros, I see grub/menu.lst to edit the boot loader, but I don't see it here. I'm trying to add the "mem=1900MB" argument so I don't have to type it in every time I boot.
Other than those two issues, I'm putting Pixielive into my SSD for the default OS :)

Thanks a bunch.

23. On Sunday, September 12 2010, 21:09 by Christian Lorandi


  1. You can try to
    • copy your /etc/X11/xorg.conf.psb in your rootcopy/etc/X11 directory, which is probably in /mnt/sdb1/PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/X11 when you are in PixieLive, only the rootcopy folder is present, you will have ti create the "etc" and the "X11" directories inside
    • add the section indicated here to the /mnt/sdb1/PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/X11/xorg.conf.psb just created
    • reboot
      there are many other ways, all indicated in the page i linked for you, i think the xorg.conf was the simplest one, let me know if it works please
  2. the boot config is in /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg, you can edit the whole boot menu
let me know about the mouse scroll, i'll put a fix in the next release if it works, thank you
24. On Monday, September 13 2010, 11:32 by alberto

Hello, i have bought a damn acer ao751h gma 500 polsbo and your os sounds good, but i'm a new user of linux......so........a lot of problem.
I would like to configure my wm phone on usb port or bluetooth and i dont know why. Applet of battery show me problems acpi, dont' remember exactly and I dont know how to mount my pc hard disk at starting automatically: i launch pixielive in persistent mode from sd slot. could you help me?

25. On Monday, September 13 2010, 11:39 by Robin


I tried editing the xorg.conf.psb file, and now after reboot my /etc/X11/xorg.conf.psb becomes:
Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "SynapticsMouse1"
Driver "evdev"
Option "Device" "/dev/input/by-path/platform-i8042-serio-2-event-mouse"
Option "GrabDevice" "False"
Option "EmulateWheel" "true" #Enable wheel emulation for the Trackpoint
Option "EmulateWheelButton" "2" #Use the middle button for the emulation
Option "XAxisMapping" "6 7" #Map trackpoint X axis to X axis of emulate$
Option "YAxisMapping" "4 5" #Map trackpoint Y axis to Y axis of emulate$

(SynapticsMouse1 was the original identifier on the old xorg.conf.psb, and platform-i8042-serio-2-event-mouse was the path I can find in my files relating to mouse)

but the scroll still didn't work. I see people having more success with xinput (http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.ph...) but have no idea how to use it. Care to help?



26. On Monday, September 13 2010, 16:01 by Christian Lorandi


  • HDD are automatically mounted in /mnt (unless you use the noauto boot options)
  • i don't know much about your phone connection, i have a poor-man phone which can only connect to a power supply :-D, i suppose you can find a better help on Google... bluetooth, if not supported by the applet i provided (the bluetooth icon near the clock) is a little difficult, here are some reference, softwares are already installed, but you may need to follow the guide for the configuration, i'm sorry to not be helpful, but i miss the hardware
  • which acpi error do you get from Battery Monitor exactly?
  • unfortunately i cannot give you xinput, it will be incompatible with the xorg version of pixielive (and i cannot change it due to the gma500 support), so, i will try to find a fix based on hal or dbus
27. On Wednesday, September 15 2010, 00:51 by alberto

Hi Christian,

I'm writing with my wm phone connection :-D. I say all what i have done to connect my wm 6.1 phone to www....but i pray you to correct me if it is wrong.

Enter terminal and edit

password: root

enter: config eth1 up (i have an acer ao751h with start from live with changes no hyibernation)

close terminal and open Wicd program

set in preferences eth1 as wired interface.

It's all, I'm connected!!

Please Christian if you have time; write better my configuration of connectionif you have understand please; you have a poor-man phone, but I'm a poor man linux.

Now I need tips for my internal hd. how to have it visible on startup on my desktop? (if is not a problem i will ask you a lot of tips for little problems i see; stop me when you want, I don't want disturb for things that not regard your distro but general problems that i can find in google.


28. On Wednesday, September 15 2010, 09:05 by Christian Lorandi


  • about wm phone connection (just my opinions, i can't try that without a phone):
    • you don't need to "ifconfig eth1 up" your interface, at least it's not necessary for my eth0, if i put it down with "ifconfig eth0 down" wicd is able to switch it up automatically
    • in my opinion you could try
      • to set eth1 as wired interface in wicd
      • to select "Always show wired interface" in wicd
      • Press "OK" and then "Refresh"
      • to save you wicd preferences for further usage with the menu entry "Applications"-->"PixieLive Preference"-->"Save Wicd Settings" (root password "toor" will be asked probably), so you don't need to do it again after reboot
  • n
  • about your hd on your desktop:
    • there is a file, in /usr/bin/linker.sh which create all the link you can see on your desktop, you can modify it
      • locate your partition in the /mnt folder (you need to know where your partition is mounted)
      • open /usr/bin/linker.sh with a text editor (i.e. gedit)
      • add this line to /usr/bin/linker.sh: ln -s /mnt/PARTITIONYOUWANT $HOME/Desktop/NAMEYOUWANT
    • now you need to save it, there are 2 ways you can choose
      • use "Applications"-->"PixieLive Preference"-->"Save Custom Settings", putting /usr/bin/linker.sh in the list
      • copy /usr/bin/linker.sh on your pendrive in PixieLive/rootcopy/usr/bin (create the subdirectories if they doesn't exists) (Custom Save Settings is a better method imho)
    • reboot
    • enjoy your links :-D you should find your link to the partition on your desktop now
    • r
29. On Tuesday, September 21 2010, 15:54 by Alberto

Hi Christian,

I have generated my links directly from desktop, beacuse with your commands in linker.sh was not possible, i don't know why.

Now, another problem if you can help me.

When I start your os with bluetooth switch on in "no mount drive", it runs correctly.
When I start in "with changes", it sais me that bluez daemon is not running.

Have you some tips?


30. On Wednesday, September 22 2010, 15:45 by Christian Lorandi


it's a dbus problem, my bad... i didn't check it with persistent changes, sorry

anyway, i found a way to fix it (not really elegant but it should work, it's just a removal of a mistake i made XD)

  • edit the file /etc/init.d/xdm removing 3 lines (you can just put a # as first character of each line to comment it):
    sed -i 's/root/pixielive/g' /etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluetooth.conf
    /etc/init.d/dbus reload
    /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart
  • edit 1 line of /etc/dbus-1/system.d/bluetooth.conf from
    <policy user="pixielive">
    <policy user="root">

regards, Christian

31. On Tuesday, September 28 2010, 00:16 by alberto

Hi Christian, Bluetooth is ok, thankyou.
it.s connected as network access point. and chrome or firefox don't have connection. I can transfer files but i can't browse files on device. this is the error:

Could not display "obex://[00:17:E8:AF:86:A7]/".
Error: Service not supported by remote device
Please select another viewer and try again.

But in this forum, I'm the only whith ao751h or the only with problems?

I'm happy with your os. that's better then ubuntu lucazade or jolicloud.



32. On Thursday, September 30 2010, 16:28 by Christian Lorandi


Error: Service not supported by remote device seems a problem of your device, have you ever browsed it from another software (like from windows)?

sorry, i don't have any Bluetooth device so it's difficult to help you...

33. On Sunday, October 3 2010, 18:18 by fabiofloyd

cant get into login with live usb


34. On Sunday, October 3 2010, 18:52 by Christian Lorandi



  • root (super administrator):
    • login: root
    • password: toor
  • pixielive:
    • login: pixielive
    • password: pixielive
35. On Monday, October 18 2010, 01:10 by Papa Santoro

Hi to All

I run Pixielive on my Acer 751h and the Wifi does not function,
the Lan yes but Wireless-card not

Please HELP

thanks in advance

36. On Monday, October 18 2010, 21:27 by Christian Lorandi

@Papa Santoro:

noone else seems to have this kind of problem on that hardware so i have just a suggestion: check if wireless lan is active (you cannot control it from linux with PixieLive-1.0) you should enable it from the BIOS or from windows, and then reboot, it should work, at least it worked for many people who had the same netbook and posted in comments that it worked fine...


37. On Wednesday, October 20 2010, 12:24 by Papa Santoro

thanks for reply, i have already tried to launch Pixie after windows xp with wifi on but nothing.......
and neither bluetooth function under pixie (even with led on).

other infos: outside windows xp 'enviroment' i can't put wifi on and off using the manual switch (in front of the netbook) but i can with bluetooth.
With other linux distro wifi function properly (one of this is jolicloud).
Netbook BIOS version is 3208

Thx in advance.

38. On Wednesday, October 20 2010, 22:41 by Papa Santoro

Problem update: bluetooth fuction properly if i boot Pixie from the default first choice of the initial boot menu.
Wireless problem persist (sigh)

39. On Thursday, October 21 2010, 21:23 by Jel

Hello Christian,
I'd like to thank you for your work. So good to have out-of-the-box video support after spending hours trying to configure other distros (yes, I'm new to Linux) :)

I've got a problem with wi-fi connection, though: Wicd can't see any network. Should I install a driver or something? (Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card on Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook.)

40. On Friday, October 22 2010, 18:04 by Marinos

Dear Christian,

I booted Pixie fine on Asus 1101HA via SD card but encountered
two problems:

First, wicd for some reason cannot convey the correct password
to my Asus 300g wireless access point (running with WPA2.)
I just get a "Connection failed: Bad password" message.
This is a rather crippling problem. Also, for some reason, wicd
does not seem to see the correct signal strength, e.g., even when
the access point is placed next to the netbook, wicd still sees the
(refreshed) signal strength as only ~60%, certainly wrong.

Second, the 2nd partition of my hard disk (i.e., what shows as
drive D: in Windows) is shown as empty in the file manager
although it actually contains lots of files.
Gparted lists this partition as:

/dev/sda4 extended /mnt/sda4 113.03GiB --- --- lba
/dev/sda5 ntfs /mnt/sda5 113.03GiB 18.36GiB 94.67GiB

so it seems it can't see /dev/sda5 ("hanging" on /dev/sda4)
flagged as lba or whatever, it just lists nothing as its flag.
I suppose this could be cured by taking a backup of that partition
and re-creating it as "primary" rather than "extended".

Finishing, I wish to thank you for your efforts. Esp. the amazingly
flawless playback of 1080p HD video warrants placing your photo
as my desktop wallpaper :-)

41. On Saturday, October 23 2010, 05:59 by Pixel

1) Cant play flash video on Firefox. When I tried to upgrade the plugin it goes to the flash site and give me a few linux options to download. Which should I choose?

2) I downloaded flashvideoreplacer and set to window media player/mplayer but still cannot play the videos on youtube.
I read that some guys here managed to get 720hd playback with this method. What did I missed?

42. On Saturday, October 23 2010, 10:14 by Christian Lorandi

what a mess...

i think some of you are (like pixel) running the 1.1-beta1, and asking for help here, which is the thread of 1.0, the 1.1-beta1 is under development, it should not be used unless you know what you are doing (testing purposes, bug report in the right post)


normal flash video player works well on the 1.0 and 1.1-beta1 version but NOT for high resolution videos, flashvideoreplacer doesn't work at all on pixielive at the moment (that's at least my experience)


are you using 1.0 or 1.1-beta1?

i have the same computer and all works perfectly with my wireless card, please, post the content of the command

lspci -n

(you should be root to do that, use the command


followed by the password " toor" to become root) on http://pastebin.com and then post the link here so i can see if you have a different hardware

about the partition, typically there are no problems with extended partitions, may be a filesystem error? (i suppose /mnt/sda1 was mounted correctly)


as for marinos, post your lspci -n output on pastebin.com and then post here the link

@Papa Santoro:

same as for jel and marinos


if you have problems with some hardware post your "lspci -n" (as root) on pastebin.com and then link it here

43. On Saturday, October 23 2010, 15:23 by Pixel

I am running 1.0. I have erased the 1.1 beta 1 because i could not adjust the screen brightness (too bright on 1.1). That is why I post my comments here as it relates to the firefox in 1.0.
Some guys in the feedbacks said he managed to uses flashvideoreplacer with mplayer, so i tried but no success.

44. On Sunday, October 24 2010, 06:38 by Marinos

Christian, I'm using Pixie 1.0 and my lspci-n listing is at


BTW, the exact spec of my 1101HA is 1101HAGG.

I think though that the problem with wicd not passing the correct
password to my access point is not a hardware issue. It has
probably to do with how the current wicd implementation in
Pixie 1.0 deals with WPA2.

45. On Sunday, October 24 2010, 09:28 by Christian Lorandi


i have exactly the same computer, with the same wireless card, so i think it was a misconfiguration of wicd, i used it with WPA2-PSK many times, but i can't help you with other config, probably you should search on the wicd site

46. On Sunday, October 24 2010, 11:53 by Jel


I'm running Pixie 1.0. My lspci -n output is here:

Thanks for reply :)

47. On Monday, October 25 2010, 18:18 by Ciccio37

Hi! if you have time can you prepare the application wine emulator? do you know also if it's possibile to connect wifi using vpn? it's needed in my university...

48. On Tuesday, October 26 2010, 12:41 by Christian Lorandi


wine is here, enjoy

about vpn... you can do it manually if it's pptp (i use it for my university) by command line, no support in Wicd, sorry

49. On Tuesday, October 26 2010, 19:29 by Ciccio37

Thanks a lot!! super fast :D about vpn i don't know how to use it by command line, i know only that i use cisco client in windows to connect... but it's ok i don't need it so much.

50. On Sunday, October 31 2010, 22:20 by kylo32

It's really nice distribution. I use it on nokia booklet 3g.
Can some body help mi how to connect to internet by built-in 3g/umts/hsdpa modem? It's Option GTM 382.

51. On Wednesday, November 3 2010, 15:50 by Marinos

Christian, I can't for the faith of me make wicd send the correct password to my access point. I've searched but could not find any settings I could possibly correct myself. Is there any possibility to port the standard "network-
manager-gnome" to Pixie? That one presents no problems whatsoever.

52. On Wednesday, November 3 2010, 17:33 by Christian Lorandi


NetworkManager is not a standard part of gnome, anyway, since the version 0.8 is now stable in gentoo, it will be the network manager of PixieLive-1.1.

It's already in testing on my PC and it seems to work good. I will also include VPN plugins because they are useful specially for who, like me, work in an university. I just have some error messages, at boot time, from modem-manager (i hope to be able to support 3G), but i have not investigated too much yet.

cheers, Christian

53. On Tuesday, November 9 2010, 00:15 by Ken-ji

I'm a bit curious, is /dev/loop1 ever used again? because it adds the "silly" 545KB filesystem entry to nautilius and I was left scratching my head where did that come from? I'm wondering if it can be dropped prior to whatever nautilus interrogates to find the mountable devices.

54. On Tuesday, December 7 2010, 00:03 by elastic

ever thougt about XFCE as desktop enviroment instead of gnome?

55. On Tuesday, December 7 2010, 10:31 by Christian Lorandi

actually yes, but Gnome seems to be light enough, and Nautilus seems to be a good file manager (webdav support, useful for online storage like Box.net, iDrive, iCloud, samba support i.e. Windows Share), and BlueTooth applet working well... that's why i choose it (even if i'm a kde user).

I'm currently trying a kde version of pixielive, if it works, i will release it as beta, the new Plasma netbook interface of kde seems to be interesting.

Btw, if you really need it, i can release a XFCE package (i also thought about LXDE), but i don't see the needs at the moment
56. On Saturday, December 25 2010, 06:00 by Vik

At first, you made my day. So long i search for a useful EEE-PC-1101HA OS there it is.

57. On Saturday, December 25 2010, 06:56 by Vik

Suspend do on a EEE-PC-1101HA. Excuse, it was early in the morning in Austria and since now i use the right boot command. Yes the OS is great! Please clear my comment about "Sleep Problem". My best wish for your OS development. Donate how/where?

58. On Saturday, December 25 2010, 22:16 by Christian Lorandi


- I'm pleased to be helpful

- Previous comment corrected

- About donations... there is a donate button on the homepage, right column http://www.pixielive.org/dotclear/

thank you, Christian

59. On Friday, February 11 2011, 15:37 by orion319

good job for this distribution working with gma500!

I have just one problem : I have a french keyboard, so how do i get a french configuration ?

60. On Friday, February 11 2011, 16:28 by Christian Lorandi


change the keyboard layout in System->Preferences->Keyboard settings, than Save Keyboard Settings in PixieLive menu

(probably you should wait some minutes before save the setting, because gnome need some time to write the config into files, i don't know exactly why)

61. On Saturday, February 12 2011, 14:07 by orion319

@Christian Lorandi
The problem is that there are only USA, Italy, German an Spain configuration but not french configuration. Is there any dowload or upgrade to do?
I cant click on "add" button in the keyboard preference menu.
thanks for your help :)

62. On Saturday, February 12 2011, 14:47 by orion319

oh! i delete german and i click on the "add" button and it works!

63. On Wednesday, March 9 2011, 21:57 by Tanino


@Christian Lorandi,

first of all thank you for your great job. I have an Acer AO751h netbook and would like to connect to the Internet through a 3G connection (a USB pendrive made by 3 provider). Is there an easy way to do this in PixieLive 1.0 (which I already put in a SD card and works very well)?
I am a Linux newbie.
Thank you and best regards.

64. On Friday, March 11 2011, 14:16 by Christian Lorandi


probably there is no easy way to use 3G from PixieLive-1.0, you should be able to use it on PixieLive-1.1beta2 with usb_modeswitch.lzm but i don't have any 3G device so i cannot test it


65. On Wednesday, March 16 2011, 20:35 by Tanino


@ Christian Lorandi

You are right my friend, I could connect by my 3G USB with PixieLive-1.1 beta2, but unfortunately I couldn't watch videos right away ( as happened with PixieLive 1.o instead). Could you help me for this new issue?

Thank you and best regards.

66. On Thursday, March 17 2011, 00:41 by Tanino


@Christian Lorandi

here above I am referring to .avi videos. I could watch them right away by mplayer in PixieLive 1.0.
Now with PixieLive 1.1-beta2 I get the message that says "there is no application installed for AVI video files"

Thank you and best regards,

67. On Friday, March 18 2011, 09:46 by Christian Lorandi


In the Error dialog Click on "Select Application" --> "Use a custom Command" --> mplayer

or "mplayer -vo vaapi -va vaapi" to test vaapi acceleration

or open the terminal and use this command

mplayer -vo vaapi -va vaapi /path/to/your/file.avi


68. On Friday, March 18 2011, 19:01 by Tanino

@Christian Lorandi

I tried
"Select Application" --> "Use a custom Command" --> mplayer
and it worked but I couldn't modify anything of the playing (couldn't bring the video forward, etc...). Is there a way to do this?

I also tried "mplayer -vo vaapi -va vaapi", but I could only get the audio of the .avi but not the video. I couldn't turn off the .avi file, I had to shutdown the netbook to do this. I haven't tried the terminal solution because I think the result would be the same.

Thank you and best regards,

69. On Saturday, March 19 2011, 10:32 by Christian Lorandi


you can control the video with arrows and other hotkeys, there is no gui, vaapi is supported only by a limited numbe of formats


70. On Saturday, March 19 2011, 13:46 by Tanino

@Christian Lorandi

thank you for your feedback. I didn't know this possibility. I bookmarked the site you kindly suggested and plan to use it.

I have another question for you, if you are so kind to keep on giving me your precious support.

I tried to fix the battery by using the guide of following site (unfortunately in Italian):


It seemed it was working, but the last command “sudo update-rc.d fixbatteria.sh defaults” gave me following error message ”sudo: update-rc.d: command not found”.

With Jolicloud and Ubuntu this command worked, I wonder why with PixieLive it doesn't. Different Linux distros Gentoo vs Debian? Could you help me for this?

Thank you and best regards,

71. On Saturday, March 26 2011, 15:05 by asndo


Could you please reshare Pixie 1.0? No one shares it on bittorrent anymore.

72. On Sunday, March 27 2011, 18:40 by Christian Lorandi


linuxtracker removed it, may be because it was old, no idea, you can download it at http://www.pixielive.org/PixieLive-1.0.tar

73. On Sunday, May 15 2011, 11:32 by Lasse

I.m using an eee 1101ha, wich distro should I chose for it? downloading pixielive 1.0 for starter,

74. On Tuesday, May 17 2011, 09:02 by Christian Lorandi


PixieLive-2.0-RC1 would be better in my opinion, but 1.0 works well though

75. On Thursday, July 14 2011, 00:44 by s6

Any chance to have the kernel compiled with modules:
Alternatively, where can I get the kernel source you have built this on to try making it on my own...


76. On Thursday, July 14 2011, 09:28 by Christian Lorandi


you are lucky, i still have the kernel-sources of the 1.0 version: kernel-sources-pixielive-1.0.tar.bz2

77. On Saturday, August 11 2012, 23:27 by s6

Is the link http://www.pixielive.org/PixieLive-... still working? I can't download from it. P.S. Also thank you for the sources - qcserial was indeed included, but there was another issue that the module which turns the modem on does not work on my system and I didn't solve that issue till now.

78. On Tuesday, August 21 2012, 08:45 by Christian Lorandi


yes, the link still working (tested right now)

possibly the new release will solve the modem issue. I'm not sure about that anyway, but it almost ready, (I use it from last month, just some more cleaning is required)

79. On Saturday, January 4 2014, 23:47 by xxx

the problem is simple (not to solve): no modules for your WiFi card in gentoo (probably)

i will check, but in kernel 2.6.32 i can't find them