First Update (nautilus preview disabled):

Nautilus preview feature has been disabled by default to improve performance on netbooks, download after the jump...

You can simply replace the files in you PixieLive/modules directory


1. On Wednesday, November 17 2010, 21:24 by Santos-Dumont

Hi, I'm running Pixielive 1.0 from a SD card on my Packard Bell DOT_M.IT/06 (an Acer Aspire One 0751H clone) and I can't access all the data on the HD (NTFS formatted, with Windows XP installed). I have Ubuntu installed on the same HD and it access the NTFS partitions on it without problems... But from Pixielive, I can't read inside some directories, for example a message of error from the command line would be:

ls: reading directory .: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character

What's the problem?

Thanks, congratulations for your fine work and best regards