How to install it on your HDD

If you don't like to use PixieLive from the SD card (i.e. because you want your SD slot free) and you don't want to use it from your USB pendrive, you can run it from any partition on your HDD, you just need a partition, and GRUB.

A quick how-to:

  • copy boot/vmlinuz and boot/initrd.gz into the PixieLive directory (just files, not the boot directory)
  • copy PixieLive directory into the partition you prefer (but NOT a NTFS or the system will slow down due to the ntfs-3g slowness)
  • DO NOT RENAME PixieLive directory
  • set the PixieLive section in your grub menu.lst in this way:

title PixieLive
kernel /PixieLive/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=9000 root=/dev/ram0 resume=/dev/YOUR_SWAP_DIR rw AllowSuspension
initrd /PixieLive/initrd.gz

  • pay attention, the numbering of partitions in (hd0, ?) start from 0, not from 1, so /dev/sda3 is (hd0,2)
  • resume=/dev/sd?? may be omitted if you don't have any swap partition or don't want to hibernate the system
  • AllowSuspension is only useful if you want to enable suspension on your system, and it's written on the same line of kernel... it seems on another line for the word-wrap
  • Enjoy you semi-live distribution ;)
  • If you boot from an ext(2,3,4) partition, you should use this fix Ext Wrinting Fix as described here.
  • add changes=/PixieLive/ to the kernel line to enable persistent changes feature

PS: If you don't have have any grub installed, because you don't have any other linux distro installed... i think you will need to google a little bit to find out the solution, i don't have it yet :-p


1. On Thursday, August 26 2010, 08:10 by jandro

Thx a lot!!!!!

2. On Thursday, August 26 2010, 14:10 by olmo62

Hello, i have Acer 751h with "damned" poulsbo.
I have one problem (sorry i am newbie):
how to install in usb pendrive ?
Please...little clear help for very not expert.
(sorry for english...i am italian)

3. On Thursday, August 26 2010, 17:59 by Christian Lorandi


  1. make a backup of all the data on your pendrive
  2. copy PixieLive and boot directories on your pendrive
  3. make sure to have a backup of all you pendrive data!!!
  4. * On windows open the command line (Start->Run->cmd) then
    X: (where X is your pendrive letter)
    cd boot
    and follow the instruction
    * On Linux open the terminal (i.e. xterm, konsole), then mount your pendrive, then
    sudo ./ (if you have a sudo equipped distribution)
    su (you will be asked for root [admin] password)
    ./ (as root)
    and follow the instruction
  5. unmount your drive
  6. reboot
  7. set your BIOS to boot from USB devices
for some unknown reason the windows way doesn't work on my drive, it will be corrupted and i have to format it, that's the reason because i said make sure to have a backup of all you pendrive data!!! if you can, do it from linux, it's safer
4. On Thursday, August 26 2010, 23:48 by electrodacus

Great distro for GMA500.
I tested this on Sony Vaio P (Z530+GMA500) and it works great.
LCD 1600x768 works (great font size).
LCD brightness control and sound works including F keys
Processor Power states works
I removed WiFi and Bluetooth on my Vaio but I guess it works.
LAN works.
Web cam works in Skype.
Suspend and resume also works.
It will be great if you can add vaapi to mplayer to use the video acceleration. It works in other distros for me and can play 1080p h264 with only 10% CPU load.

Great work.

5. On Friday, August 27 2010, 02:51 by olmo62

Pixielive in Acer 751h netbook, 1 gigabyte ram intel atom z520 1.33.

oh oh oh....Christian sei un genio.
you are genius.
i say this because ubuntu users going mad for run under gma500 without problems.
Skype video and sound work perfect (in Jolicloud audio have big problem)
Network work at "first shoot" :-)
wifi ok
Flash Card reader work
Movie player work (movie in divx format)

Tomorrow i test better.

Grazie Christian :-)

6. On Friday, August 27 2010, 16:09 by Christian Lorandi


MPlayer-vaapi Added! enjoy ;)

7. On Friday, August 27 2010, 21:27 by electrodacus

Thanks for the MPlayer-vaapi is working great 1080p video and 9% CPU load :).
For those that use the Sony Vaio P you need to add at boot "mem=1900MB" this is you have the 2GB RAM version it will not work without this.
Opera is also a great and I like the fact that you can save the settings if you want so it dose not write all the time to Flash disk as Firefox (maybe you can change this).

I only found one problem with the gnome-system-monitor. I get an error when I try to open see
I also made a screen shot with the mplayer-vaapi

This is a great Distro you saved me a lot of time.
Great Work.

8. On Friday, August 27 2010, 23:19 by Christian Lorandi


  • about gnome-system-monitor... you get that error because it's not installed by default... if you need it i will make a module for you.
  • about firefox, it's not writing all the time, because if you see in your PixieLive/Settings/mozilla/firefox/pixielive.default only a few files are linked (for sure the cache is not, and i think you can disable chronology saving in settings ...) anyway, if you think autosave by linking was bad, I can easily remove it...
  • about Sony Vaio P you need to add at boot "mem=1900MB", I will add this note on the release page
thank you, Christian
9. On Saturday, August 28 2010, 04:53 by electrodacus


* about gnome-system-monitor...
-It will be nice to have but not so important.
* about firefox, it's not writing all the time,
-There is places.sqlite file that stores the history so almost any click will be a write to this file this can be hundreds of writes/day to this file. The file is increasing in size so is probably not at the exact same location on flash probably will be fine so you can leave this as it is.
I will move the file from flash to ram since I do not need the history from the day before :)
* about Sony Vaio P you need to add at boot "mem=1900MB", I will add this note on the release page
-probably a good idea.
The webcam application Cheese is using more than 50%CPU and is a slide show I do not need this app but I just made a test and is not working. The webcam in skype is working great.


Best regards,

10. On Saturday, August 28 2010, 09:44 by Christian

places was intended for bookmarks, not history, in firefox 2 it worked well because they were separated. Now you are right, gotta find a way to auto save bookmarks without history

11. On Saturday, August 28 2010, 14:12 by Christian Lorandi


gnome-system-monitor-2.28.1!!! enjoy ;)

(it's a little cpu hungry on my netbook...)

12. On Sunday, August 29 2010, 15:45 by Attila


I got a problem with this How-to during the boot: when the list of loaded modules is displayed, I have a message as "PixieLive begin" then I get a line explaining how to use the init command and the caps lock light is blinking (as a Kernel Panic).

I don't know how to fix this, any idea?
Thx for your help!

13. On Sunday, August 29 2010, 21:11 by electrodacus

you may tray to use "acpi=off" as a boot parameter

--Thanks for the gnome-system-monitor module
Is CPU hungry you can reduce this to about 10% CPU utilization if you set the update interval from 0.25s to 2s (Edit-Preferences-Resources).
--I tested the PixieLive distro on some other computers I have but no X. Only the Sony Vaio P with GMA 500 is working but that is fine with me.
**Tested on:
Wyse X90E Via C7-M + VN896 (Chrome 9 HC)
Asus eeePC N270 + GMA950
My desktop Q8400S + Ati HD4600
Wyse C30LE Via C7-M + VX855 (Chrome 9 HCM)

Best regards,

14. On Sunday, August 29 2010, 23:09 by Christian Lorandi

unfortunately that's a know problem, it's related to some gma500 drivers issues, i'm trying to solve it here
the 2.0 will bring 2 kernels probably, one for gma500, and another one for rest of graphic cards

anyway you can try to force an xorg.conf in the rootcopy if you have one, in some cases the problem was just the recognition

15. On Monday, August 30 2010, 15:59 by Attila

@electrodacus & Christian

I just tried with acpi=off option and that's still not work =(
I have an eeepc 1101ha.

I get these lines:
(module list)
copying content of rootcopy directory
copying liblinuxlive library to union
recreating /etc/fstab and /mnt directories
linux live end, starting PixieLive
Usage: init {-e VAR[=VAL] [...some options...] }

and it's waiting here as I've explained before.

Any idea?

16. On Monday, August 30 2010, 18:02 by Christian Lorandi


i have the same netbook... it works perfectly on mine... that's really strange

may be a corruption of the download or filesystem problem on the pendrive?

i would try to:

  • check files you downloaded (bit torrent should do it automatically)
  • or re-download it,
  • or format your pendrive, then run the from a linux system

regards, Christian

17. On Monday, August 30 2010, 23:52 by Attila


I will resume to be sure:
I download PixieLive, I get 2 directories named boot & PixieLive.
I take both files vmlinuz and initrd from boot and I move them to PixieLive directory. Then I move the entire PixieLive directory on a partition (ext4) and I set grub.

That's right ?

18. On Tuesday, August 31 2010, 00:23 by Christian Lorandi


yes, it should be right, but your error is so strange... it should work from ext4 too, but i'm not sure...

have you tried to boot it from USB Pendrive (FAT)?

tomorrow i will try ext4 boot, I will let you know the result

19. On Tuesday, August 31 2010, 09:41 by Sabonmu

I have a AO 751h with the dreaded Poulsbo and have tried soo many distros but not found anything that works except Jolicloud and that was very very buggy.
I have a 64 Gb SSD and want to install pixielive along side Ubuntu 10.4.
How can I do this whilst retaining the Ubuntu boot?
What size partition should I give (I have up to 25Gb spare and I want Open office etc etc as the netbook is for office use). Cheers and thanks

20. On Tuesday, August 31 2010, 10:03 by Christian Lorandi


as described in this post...

you don't need a new partition at all, you just need 900MB of space on your Ubuntu partition:

  • copy vmlinuz and initrd.gz you have downloaded (they are in boot) in the PixieLive directory,
  • copy the PixieLive dir on your Ubuntu Partition ( in the root (/) ),
  • add an entry to your /boot/grub/menu.lst (on your ubuntu installation) as described in the post
  • apply this fix, and that's it...

it's all described in the upper post...

21. On Tuesday, August 31 2010, 11:24 by Attila

@ Christian

Yes it boots well from USB pendrive. I will try to convert my partition to ext3 and I will let you know the result too.

22. On Tuesday, August 31 2010, 11:26 by Christian Lorandi


i just booted it successfully on a ext4 partition, please check your GRUB configuration

23. On Tuesday, August 31 2010, 18:08 by Attila

@ Chrisitan

... and it still doesn't work on a ext3 partition. My grub configuration is exactly set as shown above. I don't understand!

24. On Wednesday, September 1 2010, 03:38 by electrodacus

I just replaced my HDD with a SSD (IDE to CF converter and a 16GB CF) and I use pixielive from SSD but the partition is FAT32 i did not tried ext3 or 4 also I use syslinux not grub.

I found the FlashVideoReplacer is great for atom + GMA500 I tested in Ubuntu using this instruction
Just the instruction referring to Flash.
And the result is that it can play Youtube and Vimeo up to HD video with no problem using gecko-mediaplayer in the browser window and CPU utilization is almost zero as you can see System monitor the blue graph CPU is at 800Mhz.

-- It will be great if you can add the gecko-mediaplayer to pixielive the FlashVideoReplacer is just a Firefox add-on so no is problem.

Best regards,

25. On Wednesday, September 1 2010, 11:57 by Christian Lorandi


i made the gecko-mediaplayer, but it cannot work because gnome-mplayer is not working with vaapi (for this reason i replaced it in mplayer-vaapi package...)

26. On Saturday, September 4 2010, 14:00 by olmo62

please installer for HD in Ubuntu style :-)

27. On Tuesday, September 7 2010, 15:37 by Richard

@Attila and @Christian. I have exactly the same problem as Attila. I also have an Eee PC 1101HA. I can run PixieLive from an SSD card, it works wonderfully. The card is formated fat32. Next I copied everything to a fat32 partition of my hard disk, moving the kernel and the initrd from /boot to /PixieLive. I have configured grub2 (with grub.cfg instead of the old grub.lst of old grub), and a bit different syntax) as instructed. Linux live starts booting but comes to a halt exactly as @Attila describes, at the point when PixiePive itself is starting up.

28. On Tuesday, September 7 2010, 21:34 by Richard

@Attila, @Christian, I have succesfully booted pixielive from a hard disk partition with grub2. Here is the excerpt from my grub.cfg. Pixielive is on /dev/sda6, and swap is on /dev/sda7. Note the kernel option root=/dev/ram0

menuentry "PixieLive" {
set root=(hd0,6)
linux /PixieLive/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 resume=/dev/sda7 ramdisk_size=9000 rw AllowSuspension
initrd /PixieLive/initrd.gz

29. On Tuesday, September 7 2010, 22:21 by Christian Lorandi


damn, you are right, i forgot to write the root=/dev/ram0 on the guide, i'll correct it immediately

Thank you very much

30. On Wednesday, September 8 2010, 07:42 by Jonas

I think that the original kernel config for this distro could help me! Or should I somehow disable framebuffer for the psb module? Long story follows:

I have searched everywhere for a dist that works on the Axiomtek PICO820. Ubuntu 8.04 works quite good (not any later ubuntu versions though, driver from the poulsbo repository installed of course), all other distros give me a blank screen or X in low-graphics mode.

Then I tried PixiLive, and it worked as a charm. So now I want to convert it to a real Gentoo installation (a new gentoo stage3 doesn't seem to work due to higher mesa and xorg version numbers).

I booted the USB stick, and then rsynced everything to my HDD and chrooted into it.
I emerged grub, gentoo-sources-2.6.32-r7 and some other packages, built the kernel and re-emerged psb-kmod. I also copied the /dev files from a gentoo stage3 and wiped the /sys folder. But when I reboot and start my new "pixielive-enhanced" gentoo installation, startx dies and leaves me in a framebuffer.

# cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE
(WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.
(II) Loading extension MIT-SCREEN-SAVER
(EE) PSB(0): the stolenBase is:0x7f800000
(EE) PSB(0): screnIndex is:0;fbPhys is:0x7f800000; fbsize is:0x007bf000
(EE) PSB(0): has_fbdev is true


31. On Wednesday, September 8 2010, 08:43 by Christian Lorandi


  • the fb is not the problem (you have the same error also on live PixieLive), anyway, if you want to disable it you can edit /etc/modprobe.d/psb.conf adding the no_fb option
  • you already have my kernel config in /etc/kernels/
  • /dev should be populated automatically by the system, you don't need to copy that from anywhere (same for /proc and /sys probably)
  • you may need to edit /etc/fstab, but if you can boot it is already ok probably
  • does it work in non live mode ("pixielive-enhanced") with the kernel I provided?
  • startx cannot work since xterm and twm are not installed, try to start X with "/etc/init.d/xdm start"

regards, Christian

32. On Wednesday, September 8 2010, 12:31 by Richard

@Jonas, let us know when you have succeeded in your enterprise! (and how). I too would love to have a pixie enhanced Gentoo on my Eee PC 1101HA so that I can proceed to install R and latex, and keep them up to date, without pestering @Christian to create them for me.

I am so grateful to have at last found a Linux for Eec PC 1101HA which just works, getting the maximum out of the machine, after fighting Ubuntu for a month (still without satisfactory results).

Keep up the good work, @Christian! You're a hero.

33. On Wednesday, September 8 2010, 16:13 by Jonas

@Christian: The kernel provided in PixieLive will look for /PixieLive directory. If it doesn't exist it will tell that no init was found.
@Richard: X is working but the framerate is extremely bad. Booting the PixieLive environment instead, gives me 2D acceleration.

Any help is very appreciated. Just shout and I will publish log files etcetera. Any boot options to the kernel that are important? I did not use any genkernel scripts to build, so my own kernel misses the initrd. If I should create the kernel in another way, just tell me!

If I can make this work the way I want, I will provide a guide, or the whole system in a tar.gz

34. On Thursday, September 9 2010, 08:36 by Christian Lorandi


Try this (it's the kernel i made, before linux-live script application): kernel-genkernel-x86-2.6.32-gentoo-r7 initramfs-genkernel-x86-2.6.32-gentoo-r7


latex will be the next application i release as module (i need it too, and a lot of students will need it)


35. On Thursday, September 9 2010, 10:31 by olmo62

question: how to add "external" applications ? I am sorry, usually i use Ubuntu and Ubuntu have application for search and install new apps. but with Pixie....???
thank you

(yes..i know...with "external" apps probably less stability system) :-)

36. On Thursday, September 9 2010, 11:07 by Christian Lorandi


at the moment there are no automated software to find and install external applications, you can just download them from here Additional-Applications and copy them in your PixieLive/modules folder

in the next release it will be present (probably) an automatic system for Application Installation and Update

if you need applications not listed here: Additional-Applications, just ask here in the comments and i will add them as soon as possible


37. On Sunday, September 12 2010, 21:26 by Christian Lorandi


LaTeX and R are Here, enjoy

38. On Wednesday, September 22 2010, 14:33 by Pixel

Hello Christian and fellow gma 500 owners,
I followed the installations instruction above ( post no. 3) on my Acer AO751H running vista to install onto a SD Card 8 gig.
But still cant boot. Computer shows blank screen _

The installation results from the run cmd following the steps (post no.3) i got the following results:

Setting up boot for E:, wait please ...
Accessing physical drive : Access is denied.
Did not successfully update the MBR: continuing ....
Disk E: should be bootable now. Insatllsation finished.

Read the information above and then pree any key to exit ...

Please advice how to install ?

39. On Wednesday, September 22 2010, 15:35 by Christian Lorandi


that's why i told to not use windows (if possible) to set up boot....

anyway, have you tried to run bootinst.bat as administrator? (i suppose it should be something like that on Vista...) it seems a permission issue.

if you have another linux distribution installed or just a live cd try to run the from there, it's safer, if you have just windows try bootinst.bat with administrator privileges and let me know the result...

regards, Christian

40. On Wednesday, September 22 2010, 16:08 by Pixel

Thanks for the quick reply Christian.
How do i make pixel live cd?
Is there one available?

41. On Wednesday, September 22 2010, 16:35 by Christian Lorandi


you could create a PixieLive live cd in this way:

  • edit the file PixieLive/tools/make_iso.bat changing every occurrence of "slax" in "PixieLive"
  • edit the file boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg changing ramdisk_size=6666 to ramdisk_size=9000
  • open the command prompt (Start->Run->cmd),
  • go to X:/PixieLive (where X is you pendrive letter)
    cd PixieLive
  • run
    make_iso.bat c:\PixieLive.iso
  • wait until the process is finished
  • burn the iso you just create on a cd
i never tried to boot it from a CD, but it should work,
if you prefer an easier way, you can just
  • download any other live cd like slax
  • mount your pendrive once the system is booted
  • and run the boot/ on you pendrive from that livecd
  • reboot
regards, Christian
42. On Thursday, September 23 2010, 11:16 by Pixel

Hi Christian,
I tried run as adminstrator.
Same result as my previous attempt except it shows drive C instead of E even though my files were on drive E.

Still not giving up, trying to install jollicloud so i can install pixielive in linux. Some problems with jollicould download recently. BTW pixielive bit torrent was very slow too.
Took me 3 days to complete the download.
Files were transfering as slow as 2kb/s.

43. On Thursday, September 23 2010, 12:09 by Christian Lorandi


pixielive torrent is hosted on a very good server with high bandwidth, if it's so slow for you probably you mis-configured your torrent client or your ISP filter torrent traffic

44. On Friday, September 24 2010, 13:12 by Pixel

Tries to install pixielive on sd card using jolicloud.
Unfortunately still cannot.
Is there a easier way to install this.
A usb creator would be nice.
Really hope someone can help with a simple guide for a newbee. :(

45. On Tuesday, September 28 2010, 15:18 by coringa

Hi, I have trouble to get the mic working in my VAIO P. Maybe somebody of the guys with P's who commented above can give me a hint. Also I have trouble with suspend to ram: the system does not wake up properly anymore.

Another question: I messed around a little and sometimes (for a reason not clear to me) the graphical surface looks different: There is not the blue wallpaper but a different one, the menus are a little different, and MORE IMPORTANTLY: if I change from one prog to the other using Alt+Tab it works immediately. The problem is I don't know how to get this back: Right now, if I press Alt+Tab it takes about like .4 seconds to respond which is annoying. Can someone help?

Btw: One can start Pixielive up with the Quickstart feature: Just put everything in C:\Pixielive then unzip the inital ramdisk there, and edit c:\kernel.pam to look like:
/PixieLive/ vmlinuz ramdisk_size=9000 root=/dev/ram0 rw changes=/PixieLive AllowSuspension mem=2000MB

as well as c:\initrd.pam to look like:

Then if one presses the quickstart button then PixieLive should boot up: Only problem: Of course sda2 (which is the main partition running windows by vaio p factory set up) is been mounted and possibly been written to, so if windows is hibernating the file system might get corrupted. I don't know if it is possible to pass a parameter so that one can put the system on another partition.

46. On Thursday, September 30 2010, 16:25 by Christian Lorandi


* about suspend to ram: if you have problems suspending to ram in the normal way, you could try the module alternative_suspend.lzm provided with PixieLive-1.0 and located in the option folder (you can load it at boot adding load=alternative_suspend to the boot parameters) it works better on some system

* about mess: you can always save all your documents in a safe place and start a fresh PixieLive deleting the changes directory if you are using it, or deleting the PixieLive/modules/programyouwant-settings.lzm (changes and modules deletion should be made not when PixieLive is running, but from another system)

47. On Thursday, September 30 2010, 16:30 by Christian Lorandi


were you root (sudo when you tried install from jolycloud? you cannot run that command as normal user...

48. On Sunday, October 17 2010, 10:54 by pixel

I did this on Jolicloud Terminal.
I typed
cd /E/boot then I pressed enter
The result I got was

bash: cd: /boot : No such file or directory

What did I do wrong?

49. On Monday, October 18 2010, 21:17 by Christian Lorandi


in linux external drives are not mounted in /E but typically in /media/nameofthedevice, so you should look for the device location with the command

ls /media

then, you should know the location where the device is mounted (/media/locationyoujustdiscovered)

so you can use the command

cd /media/locationyoujustdicovered/boot

to move to that location, and then

sudo ./

to install the bootloader (sudo will ask you for your password)

cheers, Christian

50. On Tuesday, October 19 2010, 11:44 by Pixel

Thanks, I managed to get to the password stage.
When I key in my password,
I only get a flashing rectangle.
Than it says Sorry, try again.
after repeating the password 3 times,
I got 3 incorrect password attemps

What should I do? Thanks.

51. On Tuesday, October 19 2010, 13:49 by Christian Lorandi


i can't know your password XD, i think you already found the answer anyway :-)

52. On Monday, November 15 2010, 05:28 by asndo

after installing Pixie to HDD it does not store any changes.
I have provided the same settings for grub as those mentioned above, but after every reboot completely no alterations made by me remain.
I have no idea why is it so. When I used to boot from pendrive it worked perfectly fine.
Please help.

53. On Monday, November 15 2010, 08:24 by Christian Lorandi


  • which filesystem do you use for the partition where PixieLive is? 
  • do you have installed the ext fix?
  • can you post your grub configuration on if the above doesn't work?
regards, Christian
54. On Tuesday, November 16 2010, 20:10 by asndo

Thank you, I've reread all the website's content and the point was the grub entry, .i.e. the lack of "change=PixieLive" phrase. Could you put it explicitly in this how-to in order to make it more clear to the newbies?

I've also managed to install grub only via PixieLive without having any other Unix-like OS on my HDD and I can write a clear How-to on that for the others. It could be a nice how-to for Pixie users. Should I send it?

Could you advise me how to enable unicode in Pixe? As for now in terminal and file browser I cannot see, for example, Polish signs.
Additionally I'd be grateful for a hint how can I add other keyboard layouts (e.g. "Polish (qwerty)")?

55. On Wednesday, November 17 2010, 00:33 by Christian Lorandi


  • you are right, i will add the explanation of changes in the post tomorrow
  • sure, send it to me by email, i will make a dedicated post (with reference of course), and i will include grub in the next release, to make things as simpler as possible
  • about the unicode... don't know at the moment, i tough it were already enable... i'll check, can you sent me a polish file (plain text .txt) as email attachment? so i can test it better
  • System->Preferences->Keyboard then Remove a layout (i.e italy) and Add a new one (Poland) then, after a while (i don't know why, but gnome seems to be so slow saving preferences) you can save it with Applications->PixieLive Settings->Save Keyboard Settings
56. On Sunday, December 5 2010, 15:08 by g0ulart

Hi, First of all i would like sorry about my poor english, after this to thank you for real to suport so wonderfull work sharing you ability with unix. i Know nothing about Unix but i'm like the others, looking for a distro of linux out of the box, fast capable to extract the most of this chipset, GMA500.

Here we go:
1 - I had problem with wifi conection, the ethernet i even tried!

2 - I Can't see the files on a NTFS partition!? The system recognize it but can't "see" the files.

thanyou very much.

obs: i have a acer aspire one 751h, wireless card is broadcom.

57. On Sunday, December 5 2010, 23:45 by Christian Lorandi


i don't know about NTFS problem, it's reported also from someone else, about broadcom you could try this file b43-drivers, let me know if they works please (just put the module in the PixieLive/modules directory and reboot)

thank you, Christian

58. On Sunday, February 27 2011, 00:23 by asndo

@Christian (#55)

I do not see your e-mail 'round here so I will write it as a comment. Please repost it then as a how-to. I hoped I would have my Pixie reinstalled so that my manual is written directly while installing but I had to write it as I remember I had done it once. Nevertheless I hope it's accurate.

How to install GRUB, which is needed to install PixieLive on HDD if one does not have any *nix distro yet.

1 open your live Pixie with an option of permanent changes
2 install Pixielive OS to the HDD as outlined in
2 download and extract the latest portage snapshot to "/usr/portage" directory
the following link might be helpful:
portage is a package management tool in Gentoo-based OSes and emerge is its frontend.
3 install GRUB with the command "emerge grub" in the terminal (as root)
4 edit /boot/grub/grub.conf in order for its entries to point to your HDD Pixie OS
search the web if you do not know how to do it, it is a quite basic task in linux
the link should suffice.
5 reboot and enter the HDD Pixie. it is still however recommended not to detach your live Pixie drive.
6 since your grub utility of the previous steps should be installed on your live Pixie, you will most probably have to install and configure grub once again, as shown in steps 3 and 4, in order for it to be placed right on your HDD. maybe to rsync both would be enough but I did not check it.
7 reboot. everything should be working right now and you should not need your live Pixie anymore.

59. On Sunday, June 19 2011, 18:50 by Robin

Maybe someone is generous enough to provide a step by step how-to guide on installing it with grub 2?
I currently have win7 and ubuntu, planning to replace ubuntu or add pixielive to the mix. Tried copying and loading os-prober, but it can't find pixielive.
And I'm not sure how to add pixielive manually to grub 2 :(

Thanks in advance.

60. On Sunday, September 25 2011, 19:40 by Khalid

can someone instruct me in details how to add mem=1900MB during boot for the sony vaio p to work ?

when i press tab during the blue screen there is only one line to edit and i edited in different positions and it still doesnt work for me.

greatly appreciated .

61. On Monday, January 9 2012, 07:52 by Thiyagarajan shankar

Christian , I would like to add/have a splash screen to this wonderfull pixie..... Please guide/suggest

62. On Monday, January 9 2012, 12:08 by Christian Lorandi

@Thiyagarajan shankar:

i have no idea how to do it, you could try to google something like "gentoo splashscreen"... of "gentoo fbsplash" but I'm not even sure it is doable now...

63. On Thursday, April 26 2012, 23:55 by Spino

HI everyone ;

I ve to thanks everyone and in particulary the creator and all developpers who works on it . This distro is a chance for me because of this damned GMA500 . So thanks ! :)

I still have a real problem . I cannot boot Pixielive from a partition . I installed Grub2 on the MBR and type :
menuentry "PixieLive" {
set root=(hd0,6)
linux /PixieLive/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 resume=/dev/sda7 ramdisk_size=9000 rw AllowSuspension
initrd /PixieLive/initrd.gz
in the /etc/grub.d/40_custom .

I verified if all correspond and type an update-grub but os-prober doesn't seems to detect the distro .
Could someone help me ?

Best regards

64. On Monday, April 30 2012, 10:31 by Christian Lorandi


there is something wrong in your config:

set root=(hd0,6) and resume=/dev/sda7 cannot be right, they point to the same partition, but, on resume= you should indicate the swap partition (if you have one) while on set root you should indicate the partition where the vmlinuz is placed

try changing them and let me know, Christian

65. On Monday, January 28 2013, 08:14 by Jimage

Sweet, got it running on Grub 2 by adding this to grub.cfg on a previous installation's existing /boot partition (boot sda3, root sda5, swap sda6):
menuentry "PixieLive" {
set root=(hd0,5)
linux /PixieLive2/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 resume=/dev/sda6 ramdisk_size=9000 rw AllowSuspension
initrd /PixieLive2/initrd.gz

@Christian: Remember that Grub 2 starts at partition 1, as opposed to partition 0 in Grub 1, so sda6 is now (hd0,6) instead of (hd0,5) as it used to be.

66. On Monday, January 28 2013, 08:18 by Jimage

Next question, though: How do I set it up (without breaking all the things) to use an entire 20GB partition for / instead of this 1.2GB 'aufs' that df -h tells me is mounted there?

67. On Monday, January 28 2013, 08:35 by Jimage

Ah, nevermind. The persistent changes option fixes that. Awesome.