Some New Applications

Some new Applications for your PixieLive, mostly editors for programmers, video drivers and video players with hardware acceleration!!!

Just put the lzm file you download in your PixieLive/modules (or PixieLive/optional) directory, and reboot.

(pay attention, if you put it in the optional directory you have to load it at boot with load=packagename cheatcode or double clicking it in nautilus)


Graphics Drivers:

Media Players:

  • MPlayer-vaapi-20100713: mplayer with vaapi acceleration, useful for Full HD videos and to lower CPU usage during video playback

System Monitors:

Text Editors:

Web Browsers:

  • Opera-10.60: another good browser, alternative to Firefox

more applications are planned (i.e. apache, php, mysql, a 10W consuming server is soooo sexy ;) )

comment if you have special request ;)


1. On Friday, August 27 2010, 18:58 by olmo62

i have special request :-)
Tor, Vidalia and some "privacy" application (crypt , decrypt , secure files delete....etc)

We have repository for reference ? Slax ? Gentoo ?


2. On Friday, August 27 2010, 23:08 by Christian Lorandi

yes, I use Gentoo repository :-)

3. On Tuesday, August 31 2010, 11:00 by Ciccio37

i used ubuntu in the past and i would to try pixielive but i don't know how to install new apps (like chrome),i don't know gentoo, as i can see there's not a packet manager like apt or synaptic...
Is there a wiki for this?

4. On Tuesday, August 31 2010, 11:12 by Christian Lorandi


in gentoo there is a package manager, named portage, but it's not exactly a package manager, it's a system which compile every package from sources, so it's not good for a live distro, specially if it's running on a netbook, it would be difficult to save them for use after reboot.

I can make packages for you, and you should just copy them in you modules directory, i will make chrome package as soon as possible

regards, Christian

5. On Wednesday, September 1 2010, 11:39 by Christian Lorandi


enjoy Chromium-6

6. On Saturday, October 23 2010, 15:53 by Pixel

The package like feature is really nice. Its like the mac os. Where applications comes in package form. Just drag it in and presto it runs, in this case is just copy in into the modules folders and it runs. Only problem is cant really install any available linux app that i want to use. Unless maybe if i know how to use portage. Is it hard to diy?

7. On Saturday, October 23 2010, 18:47 by Christian Lorandi


yes it's a little bit hard to use it on a live distro, the problem is to save it when you reboot , probably it's simpler if you just ask me to do a package, so everyone else can use it, what do you need?

8. On Sunday, October 24 2010, 12:28 by Pixel

Is it possible to install a java based program in pixielive?

Anyway there a program called Audacity.
Its a very good sound editing program which many people are using and which will be a good addition.

9. On Sunday, October 24 2010, 14:26 by Christian Lorandi


java is already in pixielive. so theoretically yes (freeplane is java and works perfectly), i will make an audacity package as soon as possible

10. On Tuesday, October 26 2010, 12:43 by Christian Lorandi


audacity ready for download here, enjoy

11. On Sunday, October 31 2010, 01:30 by Steve99

Christian, can your make a CUPS module for PixieLive? There is a SLAX module of CUPS 1.3.9-1 at

12. On Sunday, October 31 2010, 15:22 by Christian Lorandi


the slax one is not helping, it's based on slackware, PixieLive is based on gentoo... anyway, here is cups for you :-)


13. On Saturday, November 6 2010, 17:09 by Alexandre Gueths

Hi Christian, I'm going to try this OS, but I need to know:
- Can Pixie save files on my HD?
- Can Pixie be used by a programmer?
I have an ASUS EeePC 1201HA, and I use this netbook to program something basic in Java.
- Can I make packages for Pixie?
If I can`t, can you make NetBeans, Eclipse and MonoDevelop for Pixie? Actualy I just need, for now, NetBeans.
If I can, how can I do that? =)

I want to help with Pixie, but I can`t donate (poor guy), let me know how to help you. =)
I don't know a lot of Linux Kernel, but I can make program packages. =)

Congratulations and success.
See You,
Alexandre Gueths.

14. On Sunday, November 7 2010, 09:52 by Christian Lorandi

@Alexandre Gueths:

  • of course
  • it can, gcc is already there, but everything can be installed
  • to make packages is a little complicated, but if you have enough patience you can (for simple packages is quite simple, for the more complicated could be a little messy, but if you are a programmer there should be no problems)
  • anyway, i will try make those packages for you, packages with java inside are a mess, but if i won't be able to do it, i will make a special version of PixieLive, with all the java stuff inside (not as separated module) only for you
  • If you want to help and know how to program using GTK or in bash with gtkdialog, you could write some configuration GUIs that would be useful (i want to create a multi user system, a GUI to config the automatic link creation on the desktop, and a GUI to configure bootloader settings)
regards, Christian
15. On Wednesday, November 10 2010, 00:48 by Alexandre Gueths

Thanks for your help. I`ll try to learn about making packages. =)
Don`t worry about this special version, I have another OS installed that have those programs. I can wait until I learn how to create those packages. =D
I want to made some packages to PixieLive =)
Maybe create a language pack...
See you, Alexandre

16. On Wednesday, November 10 2010, 11:03 by asndo


is it possible to make portage/emerge working? could you guide me with that? I want to put PixieLive on my HDD and I need to install grub - this would be much easier with emerge I guess. Apart from that it would be nice to have Pixie as full-fledged OS.

thanks in advance
and many thanks for building this great distro!

17. On Wednesday, November 10 2010, 11:27 by Christian Lorandi


just extract a portage snapshot into the /usr/portage directory, that's all what you need

18. On Wednesday, November 10 2010, 12:26 by asndo

@Christian Lorandi
thank you for your prompt answer.

I'm a newbie. I do not know what is meant by "a portage snapshot". Could you provide me more details? I've never used a gentoo-based system before, just *buntus and mandriva. What should I extract exactly and how to get it?

thanks in advance.

19. On Wednesday, November 10 2010, 15:57 by Christian Lorandi


messing up with the gentoo system is not for newbies, there are no GUIs, no wizards, or similar, you can find a lot of documentation on the gentoo website, is you have a lot of time to spend on gentoo.

I'm sorry, but the portage system (i.e. the gentoo "package management" system) cannot be explained in one comment.

That's why i don't provide anything related to portage or package creation for users, i don't have enough time to support users on that.


20. On Sunday, June 10 2012, 11:16 by Aluc


great distro! but emerge is complaining a lot, only mutt went through so far this is a bummer

21. On Monday, June 11 2012, 08:30 by Christian Lorandi


well, possibly that is a gentoo - portage problem, i didn't touch it...

At the moment I'm working on kernel-3.4.0 + EMGD-1.14 (the patching of EMGD-1.14 for kernel 3.4.0 is done).

Now i have to rebuild the initrd to boot with kernel 3.4.0, which seems to be tricky

After that step i should be able to release a new version of PixieLive

22. On Thursday, November 8 2012, 12:32 by Renan Lavarec


We got some pc/104 hardware with a US15W.
We try to setup a platform to use the GMA500 card.

We succed to load PixieLive very easily, but we need to install specific hardware (compile a specific driver).

We are using PixieLive 2.0, how could we compile this specific driver with the kernel gentoo and create a module package to install it ?

23. On Monday, November 12 2012, 10:23 by Christian Lorandi

@Renan Lavarec:
you can recompile the kernel starting from the pixielive configuration from kernel-config-x86-2.6.36-tuxonice-r3 eventually patching the source with your module or compiling it separately.

Notice that if you want a live distribution you need to recompile also the aufs2 module which is not included in the kernel source.

If possible it could be easier to:

  • compile the kernel with my config
  • compile your module using that kernel sources/config
  • add the module obtained in the existing /lib/module/... directory
  • after that you will probably need to run depmod -a
  • save / replace the changed files into /lib/modules

if you have trouble finding the same source i used, you can download it from here: linux-2.6.36-tuxonice-r3.tar.bz2 pay attention, it's compiled already, you could avoid the compilation process.

to create a module package for the live system you just need to:

  • place your files in a directory like "TEMP/lib/modules/kernel...."
  • run "mksquashfs TEMP my_kernel_module.lzm -b 256k

good luck :-)

let me know how it works please, christian