Next Version To-Do List

It's time to think about PixieLive-1.1, there are some bugfixes and some improvement to do...

Changes and Additions:

  • Remove automatic save for Firefox Settings and Bookmarks (it writes continuously on the boot device since history and bookmarks are in the same file)
  • Start and NoStart Service cheat-code to allow boot services tweaking from bootloader menu
  • Desktop Compositing enabled by default (may be a dedicated cheat-code?)
  • More graphic support for new cards (i miss the hardware to test it, i hope to find someone able to test it for me)

Additions i will write just if i have a lot of time to spend

(if anyone want to help writing one of this just let me know, help is welcome)

  • GUI to configure automatic link creation on your desktop
  • GUI to configure bootloader settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Bluetooth to work also in Persistent Changes Mode
  • n
  • Fix All the scripts for CD ISO image creation
  • Find a way to make Sony Vaio P scroll to work
  • Documents Link and Sticky-Notes on ext(2,3,4) working by default
  • Nautilus Preview disabled by default
  • Hibernation in Gnome fixed
  • Deluged configured to run in server-client mode by default

you can suggest improvements, add-ons, fixes and changes in the comments

this post will be updated with your suggestions (only the accepted ones of course :-p)

if you are not expert enough for a technical help or you have no time, you can support PixieLive development with a donation

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