Sneaky Peek into the next release: EMGD

Intel released a new driver compatible with GMA500 (a.k.a. poulsbo, psb) called EMGD, i tried it for you (and for me :-D)

PixieLive-1.1alpha + kernel gentoo-sources-2.6.33-r2 + xorg-server-1.8.2 + EMGD

EMGD on PixieLive

it run quite well, really smooth on 2D but 3D applications (glxgears) freeze the system after some seconds (mouse cursor is still moving around, but the system doesn't respond)

so... gotta find a solution...


1. On Saturday, October 9 2010, 21:38 by MrTide

Thanks dude! Really looking forward for that implementation of the EMGD driver. If you need any beta tester to try it I would be very glad to help you.
One more thing would it be possible that you implement the drivers for the Broadcom b43?

2. On Sunday, October 10 2010, 01:36 by Christian Lorandi


  • about b43: if it's simple i will, you will be my beta tester for that since i miss the hardware :-)
  • about EMGD: it would be ready, as you can see in the screenshot they works, but the problem is the 3D, it freeze the system after some time. It's a strange behavior since it require much more time to freeze if i run glxgears in failsafe respect as the same program run in gnome. Anyway, it's a well known problem of EMGD drivers compiled in gentoo (reference), no idea about a possible solution at the moment, i hope in a future better release :-(
3. On Sunday, October 10 2010, 08:02 by Pixel

Nice, new EMGD version 1.5 just came out a couple of days ago. Hope it works much better than the 1.0 that was release in June/July. :)

4. On Monday, October 11 2010, 10:44 by Christian Lorandi



no more freeze on 3D, working on TuxOnIce now...

5. On Monday, October 11 2010, 15:42 by Christian Lorandi

TuxOnIce report:

  • Resuming from hibernation, lzo compression: 16 sec (from the boot-loader blue screen to gnome fully working), not bad at all
  • Resuming from hibernation on swap partition DON'T NEED to set the resume=/swap/partition in the bootloader, IT'S FOUND AUTOMATICALLY
  • Suspend to file is working (you don't need a swap partition, you can use a swapfile but NOT on the pendrive, it must be on the disk or it will crash during hibernation because the USB is powered off before complete hibernation, may be this can be solved with some kernel options)
  • You can SUSPEND to BOTH (RAM and disk at the same time) (like MacOSX) (if your battery is enough you will have a 2 sec boot, if it run out, you will have a boot like from hibernation, no data loss if you run out of battery when in sleep mode)
that's pretty nice imho
6. On Monday, October 11 2010, 18:23 by RapierTG

Great job. I think i will give pixie second chance if the drivers will work decent.

7. On Saturday, October 16 2010, 04:05 by MrTide

Can't wait to try the new EMGD drivers!
I hope they fixed all the performance problems we had ...

8. On Monday, October 18 2010, 21:42 by PhatFriar

I would like to second the motion to include a broadcom 43 driver, with it Pixie will be about perfect for me!

9. On Tuesday, October 19 2010, 14:42 by Christian Lorandi

@MrTIde & PhatFriar:

b43 should be already compiled as module, try to 

modprobe b43

manually as root, if it doesn't work reboot and post your

lspci -n



on so i can understand which kind of hardware you have