Audacity and Wine for PixieLive

Two new programs for you, wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is a software able to run windows programs under linux and audacity a Free Sound Editor and Recording Software

i remember you to put .lzm packages in the Pixielive/modules folder and reboot to get everything to work ("Save Wine Settings" and "Save Audacity Settings" included)


1. On Tuesday, October 26 2010, 14:26 by Pixel

Wow, that is fast. I will use them once 1.1 is out. Thanks.

2. On Wednesday, October 27 2010, 22:44 by Richard

And I was just about to ask you if wine would be possible, too...

I am very happy with the R and latex you made for us. I discovered that I could add libraries to R and save them. Just copy the good directies to the right places while pixielive is running, and then save as optional pixilive settings (save the list of altered files or added directories). Similarly for personal latex stuff.

In the same way I am able to save personalized gnome desktop settings (after some time one might want a different default desktop picture). Though it took some work to find the five different %gconf.xml files in ~/.gconf where all the different font sizes and themes stuff are saved.

I realize in retrospect that I might as well have saved the entire .gconf directory instead.

Where can one read about .lzm files? The technology you are using here is really cool.

3. On Wednesday, October 27 2010, 23:53 by Christian Lorandi


yes, that's why i provided the "Save Custom Setting" with customizable list of files :-)

PixieLive is based on a slightly modified version of, made from Thomas M., the author of Slax, probably you may found all that you want to know about .lzm on those sites, i'm not really expert about that, i just know what is written there, and how to use it

regards, Christian

4. On Friday, October 29 2010, 21:06 by Richard

Thanks. BTW, "root terminal" doesn't work on my pixielive 1.0, nor does su or sudo. Is this is known bug or is there something elementary I don't know about linux settings?

5. On Saturday, October 30 2010, 10:18 by Christian Lorandi


  • sudo is configured to work with only few lzm related commands, you can change the rules with the command "visudo" (as root)
  • about "su" and "root terminal" may be you used a wrong root password? it's "toor" (without quotations), they work both fine on my system