Cups for PixieLive-1.0

Common Unix Printing System, printing server


  • /etc/init.d/cupsd start

to start it once

  • rc-update add cupsd default

and then "Save Runlevels Settings" in the menu to run it automatically at every boot

  • http://localhost:631 to configure it after start ( username "root" password "toor"

cups-1.3.11-r2: Common Unix Printing System, printing server


1. On Sunday, October 31 2010, 21:36 by Steve99

Thank you for CUPS.

2. On Saturday, November 13 2010, 16:37 by asndo


Is there any simple way of preparing .lzm modules oneself? I would like to have VirtualBox in that manner on my OS but I guess that is not that simple.


3. On Saturday, November 13 2010, 17:31 by Christian Lorandi


there is no simple way to make modules, it's a little complicated, i will try to make a virtualbox modules for you as soon as possible

4. On Tuesday, November 23 2010, 23:40 by Steve99


Just a followup for CUPS, I am now able to print to a networked Samsung Ml-1915 printer using CUPS.


5. On Tuesday, December 21 2010, 10:31 by Milou

Cups works but....

Can you make a splix driver for adding to Cups ? (language for driving Samsung laser).

6. On Sunday, February 27 2011, 00:29 by asndo

@ Christian (#4)

I'd like to remind you of the VirtualBox app I requested. I'd be thankful if you made it.

Thanks in advance.

7. On Monday, February 28 2011, 11:43 by Christian Lorandi


sorry, i forgot about you request... the module is ready for

download --> VirtualBox-bin-3.1.8 (for PixieLive-1.0)

8. On Sunday, March 20 2011, 01:46 by asndo

thank you very much! It works perfectly. However I am curious why the menus do not follow the GTK+ theme that is set for the rest of the GNOME environment. The letters are for example quite huge in comparison. Any ideas?

9. On Tuesday, March 22 2011, 09:27 by Christian Lorandi


which menu?

10. On Saturday, March 26 2011, 15:02 by asndo


While being in the GUI (executing "VirtualBox") all menus and windows there are huge and the fonts are dull, they do not reflect the GTK+ settings.

11. On Sunday, March 27 2011, 18:36 by Christian Lorandi


because VirtualBox uses QT, not GTK