KDE test: failed!

I tried KDE-4.5.4 on PixieLive (with EMGD drivers) and...

it failed!!!

Basically kwin failed, because on my EEEPC 1101HA (with GMA500), equipped with kernel 2.6.35 and EMGD-1.5 drivers with compositing enabled it wasn't able to show anything. Without composition (a.k.a. Desktop Effects) it was working, but it was so slow to be unusable.

So, the next release (coming soon) will stick to gnome-2.30, but it will include QT libs for programs which need them (e.g. skype)


1. On Friday, December 17 2010, 23:08 by barmarco

Why KDE??? LXDE 4ever!

2. On Friday, December 24 2010, 10:17 by ciccio37

Hi! i've a question, can you explain how to create lzm for pixielive? because chrome and other applications have been updated... how is going with the EMGD drivers? :D marry christmas!!!

3. On Saturday, December 25 2010, 22:08 by Christian Lorandi


about EMGD:

  • they works
  • they doesn't seems anything special
  • they have some problems with libva
    • i'm not able to compile mplayer with the same exact version of libva provided with EMGD because i don't know which version it is...
    • so mplayer+libva works only on some video formats
    • however it works without libva on fullHD video, but with 100% cpu load
  • they allow me to use kernel 2.6.25-tuxonice, so:
    • tuxonice hibernation works
    • ati + nvidia + nouveau + intel drivers can be included into the distro, and they will
  • firefox scroll seems to be so slow... chromium is much smoother

about package Creation

i use this script to make modules, with some manual tweaking depending on the package i'm installing... InstallProgrammaInRoot


./InstallProgrammaInRoot programtoinstall

mksquashfs ./temp packagename.lzm -b 256k

the script is provided as is and I'm not going to support it in any way, package creation can be problematic, and it's easier for me to make a package than explain unexperienced users how to do it every time the script doesn't work

anyway, i hope it will be useful for you


4. On Sunday, January 16 2011, 16:57 by emi

Gnome 4ever)