PixieLive-1.1beta2 is out

Waiting for the new EMGD driver (for xorg-1.9) i prepared this version, some new features inside:

  • boot from iso: use iso=ISONAME.iso cheatcode at boot
  • boot from a specific device (with uuid) chatcode uuid=UUIDOFYOURDEVICE
  • chromium opera and firefox included
  • NetworkManager with VPN support
  • openbox insted of metacity by default (60 fps more in glxgear on GMA500)
  • Save Settings Integrated in every single package
  • nvidia and ATI drivers included
  • mplayer with vaapi works on some video formats (without vaapi should work always)
  • a new cheatcode Xemgd=1024x768 allow you to set the resolution at boot on GMA500 cards

most of packages made for the 1.0 are already included, latex is not present at the moment, it's called beta just because there are some features i want to add, but it should be stable

  • If you want to use an USB Stick modem, add this module usb_modeswitch.lzm in the modules directory
  • OSMO personal organizer package: OSMO-0.2.10 (it saves changes automatically)
  • to enable libva on GMA500 you should add libva-update to the boot parameter in boot/bootmenu.cfg after the max_loop=256 or just add it at boot pressing TAB in the boot menu

download: Pixielive-1.1beta2.tar.gz

MD5: 72915a557abee392eece20585c1a163a *Pixielive-1.1beta2.tar.gz

report bugs in comments please,



1. On Monday, January 24 2011, 19:19 by jsajczuk

it keeps failing to start because it can't find the "livecd.sgn"
its looking for it on hard drive but i need to boot from a USB flash drive.

2. On Monday, January 24 2011, 22:35 by Christian Lorandi

have you renamed the PixieLive-beta2 directory?

3. On Monday, January 24 2011, 22:40 by jsajczuk

i get the same message whether I do or I don't. I created an ISO and tried to use it with my VMWare and get same result.

btw, both USB porting and ISO worked with 1.0.

4. On Tuesday, January 25 2011, 00:23 by rere

How can we have the version in french ? I'm a beginner in linux, but I love it, can someone help me ?

5. On Tuesday, January 25 2011, 08:54 by Christian Lorandi


i'm sorry, you made something wrong, i just made an iso image and it boot properly on virtualbox, are you sure you are using the boot directory contained in the package and not the old one?


i'm sorry, there is no french release nor package at the moment, only english

6. On Tuesday, January 25 2011, 16:17 by jsajczuk

do i have to rename the directories?

the make_iso.bat file refers to PixieLive, do i need to change that?

7. On Tuesday, January 25 2011, 16:40 by Christian Lorandi


ops, yes, there should be the name of the directory (PixieLive-1.1beta2) (i made the iso with the .sh version so i didn't notice that error...)

8. On Tuesday, January 25 2011, 20:45 by rere

and for the old version 1.0, how can I add some apps ? use slackware pakage ? gentoo package ?. If it's possible, I can add I think simply the french language no ?

9. On Wednesday, January 26 2011, 09:42 by Christian Lorandi


  • you can easily install these packages for 1.0
  • there are no language packages
  • you can make lzm packages from gentoo packages if you know how, but it's not so simple in many cases, i'm sorry but i have not time to support package creation from users
10. On Wednesday, January 26 2011, 11:06 by Christian Lorandi


* OSMO personal organizer package: OSMO-0.2.10 (it saves changes automatically)

11. On Wednesday, January 26 2011, 12:48 by jsajczuk

was able to get ISO to work on VMWare; will now attempt to setup a USB flashdrive to work.

12. On Wednesday, January 26 2011, 16:21 by jsajczuk

still can't get USB to work; followed directions on how to.

can't find the "livecd.sgn"

tried both PixieLive and (PixieLive-1.1beta2, same results.

13. On Wednesday, January 26 2011, 17:41 by godfazr

Should this version be copied over 1.0 or instead?
I tried instead but in in this case I don't have any video/audio players.
I tested 1.0 and it's seems to be working as I need, except missing vaapi support, so I hoped that this version includes it...

14. On Wednesday, January 26 2011, 19:57 by bodhi.zazen

Nice distro.

Worked "out of the box" as advertised.

A few (small) suggestions:

1. For TOR you should probably include a proxy, polipo or privoxy, up to you. polipo is the "default" for tor, but you need to configure it to run on port 8118 (see the tor documentation).

2. I think the entire Linux community would be eternally grateful if you would work to develop the driver to work on other distros. Would you be willing to post a how-to somewhere on how you installed and configured the driver ?

3. Along those lines, if you have not already, see this thread:


Many people who work on integrating the GMA500 post on that thread, or at a minimum monitor it. Again it would be nice to see collaboration =)

15. On Wednesday, January 26 2011, 20:23 by jsajczuk

PixieLive 1.0 boots from ISO or USB no problem
PixieLive 1.1beta boots from ISO or USB no problem
PixieLive 1.1beta2 boots from ISO no problem

fails to find pixielive1.1beta2

use boot directory from 1.1beta
rename pixielive1.1beta2 folder to pixielive
boots to pixielive login:

16. On Wednesday, January 26 2011, 23:28 by Christian Lorandi


  • this should replace the old one (instead), not copied over
  • there is mplayer, but you should define it manually when asked for which program to use, or launch it from command line, vaapi works if you give the right command only for some file formats (mplayer -vo vaapi -va vaapi filename)
  • in the tor packages there is already polipo, and it's started automatically when you load the module (test it, it should work out of the box, ports 8118 and 9050)
  • i didn't make anything special for this driver, just used emgd-1.5 if you have kernel-2.6.35 and xorg-1.8 it should work
  • i know that discussion, but i missed last posts because there are about 250/255 useless pages so i stopped to read a while ago, but i'm glad they are working on a patch for 2.6.38 support, personally i hope intel will support 2.6.38 and xorg-1.9 in the next EMGD release
  • i really cannot understand your problem, it works for me and also for the others, and it works also for you as ISO, so the only thing i can think about is a bad filesystem on your pendrive or an unsuported pendrive, did you tried to format the pendrive (FAT32) just before copy the files ?
regards, Christian
17. On Thursday, January 27 2011, 13:17 by jsajczuk

reformatted USB again
downloaded fresh copy
followed same steps as of other versions


even connected via CDMA modem to verizon

Thanks for the patience

18. On Thursday, January 27 2011, 14:06 by Christian Lorandi


you are welcome

19. On Thursday, January 27 2011, 16:16 by Christian Lorandi

new EMGD-1.5.2 is out, it should support new kernels and xorg-1.9 as reported here

damn, gotta rebuild everything... :-D

and it seems Ubuntu is gonna support it, so probably in the near future PixieLive will be no more necessary...

20. On Friday, January 28 2011, 07:06 by MK

Funny, but no matter what I do, the flash stick is not made bootable. Have tried the bootinst.sh scrips, as well as making an iso and writing it with dd, it just wouldn't boot. Must be me doing something wrong, though it's obviously not the boot sequence, because other distros boot fine from the same device.

21. On Friday, January 28 2011, 14:26 by Christian Lorandi


did you check the md5 of the downloaded file?

22. On Saturday, January 29 2011, 11:05 by MK

Yes, I did.

23. On Sunday, January 30 2011, 12:26 by MK

Right, got it figured out, my fault entirely. I had disabled usb legacy support in the bios just before experimenting with pixie. Dumb me.

24. On Sunday, January 30 2011, 16:11 by lenneth

mplayer -vo vaapi gives failure to open /usr/lib/va/drivers/emgd_drv_video.so

25. On Tuesday, February 1 2011, 18:26 by vik

I use your "OSMO.LZM" and it works out off the box. Thanks so much.

26. On Tuesday, February 1 2011, 19:57 by vik

"OSMO" make trouble, excuse me, but, i have 3 different PCs to work. With 1 and with 2 and with 3 HDs and different BIOSes. When i change the USB-Drive and use it on a other PC the DesktopLinks are show another path like:
/mnt/live//mnt/sdc1/PixieLive-beta2/Documents at Nr. 1
/mnt/live//mnt/sdb1/PixieLive-beta2/Documents at Nr. 2
PC. i must trash the Links and on the next reboot the Links came back. Then the DesktopLinks are ok. But Osmo only work on the PC Nr.1. Excuse for the Osmo- Error. Its not a PixiLive problem i think. Its because the HDs in the PCs. And "Osmo" did not check that! Is there a workaround? I use the persistent boot menu.

27. On Wednesday, February 2 2011, 09:33 by Christian Lorandi


my bad, i forgot about persistent changes users... just fixed it, re-download and replace (DO NOT REPLACE WHILE PIXIELIVE IS RUNNING or deactivate the module first)


bye, christian

28. On Wednesday, February 2 2011, 13:00 by vik

Very Good! Now "Osmo" work on different PCs without any trouble. Thanks for the quick answer. bye viktor

29. On Wednesday, February 2 2011, 15:09 by Christian Lorandi


to enable libva on GMA500 you should add libva-update to the boot parameter in boot/bootmenu.cfg after the max_loop=256

sorry about that, i forgot to add it

30. On Wednesday, February 9 2011, 23:02 by A1astair

I've tried downloading this beta twice now - on the third attempt now. It always appears corrupt and cannot be extracted. Can someone re-post this file on another site please?

31. On Friday, February 11 2011, 08:41 by Christian Lorandi


i downloaded it right now, and it's ok (md5 is ok, and it can be extracted), so probably there are some problems on your connection which lead to corrupted downloads

anyway, if you know any service able to host an 850MB file, i would like to upload it there for you


32. On Friday, February 11 2011, 12:40 by A1astair

OK - Finally downloaded at home. Not sure what was wrong at work! Am pleased to say this is the first Linux distribution that supports the PsiXpda or Eking S515 out of the box with the Xemgd=800x480 boot option. Great work guys!

33. On Saturday, February 12 2011, 22:43 by jeZZ00

1) - THX a ton Christian!!!! Nice distro! Please dont say there is no need for PixieLive, no distro (Mandrake, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Peppermint, eeebuntu4beta (Aurora) ...) I tried for a week gave me fitting res and full support for fn buttons! So your Pixie IS needed, I will only keep the ubuntu system as a 'host' kinda... or what distro would you folks suggest (Joliloud - haven't tried that one...)?? I am certainly noob to linux, but I did my fair share of fiddling with trying to push drivers in and just couldnt do it... so *clap, clap* to them pixies!!!
2) - only thing I dont really get is: Why do all the applications aside from file manager and termnal dont work... I dont even get an error or anything... its just silent... md5sum'ed my download, seemed to be fine and all there, still PixieLive behaves as if it just knows the links but doesn't have the application didn't try reinstalling them, maybe later
3) - could someone point me to a how-to to produce a 'clean' install without underlying ubuntu or whatever running Pixie as the sole system... or did I get that wrong.. or... darn.. me confoosed... xD ... kudos and all

34. On Saturday, February 12 2011, 23:02 by jeZZ00

appeared to me I was a little very much unspecific about the non-working applications... seems like all aditional one dont work... browsers, OOO, UFraw, audacity, etc... maybe I did sth totally wrong or stupid, but it appears to be running perfect elsewise...

35. On Monday, February 14 2011, 08:38 by Christian Lorandi


strange behavior, it seems like a filesystem corruption on modules directory or a library, please, try running applications from the terminal, so you can see the output (errors) and we can try to understand the problem

to get a clean install, just format your pendrive as fat32 and follow this guide

36. On Sunday, February 20 2011, 12:24 by jeZZ00

after I booted PixieLive in persistent mode once, it now runs all aforementioned applications just fine, either in "normal" Live mode or persistent... don't know what is going on there, but gonna give you the heads up as soon as I find out!
Thanks again for this awesome, fast, responsive distro!

37. On Wednesday, March 2 2011, 08:47 by Alastair

Hi Christian,
After adding the Dropbox module, everything seemed fine until I rebooted. Now I get the message "Error running '/sbin/depscan.sh'!" and system does not boot into graphical environment.
Any ideas?
Tried removing the Dropbox module from the USB stick, but problem still there.

38. On Wednesday, March 2 2011, 11:25 by Christian Lorandi


it doesn't seems related to dropbox... it looks like a filesystem corruption or something like that,

are you using persistent changes?


39. On Wednesday, March 2 2011, 11:31 by tista

Hi, Christian.

I'm one of maintainers in Ubuntu emgd project.
so if you had already tried newer kernel (e.g. 2.6.38-x) ? and also let me know your issues in performance of 2D renderings, if you have.



40. On Wednesday, March 2 2011, 12:04 by Christian Lorandi


i haven't tried it yet, I'm waiting for the official 2.6.38 release to include genpatches, aufs2 and tuxonice,

if you want i can make some tests on emgd-1.5.2 + kernel-2.6.36 + xorg-server-1.9.4


41. On Wednesday, March 2 2011, 12:17 by Alastair

Yes - I'm using persistent changes on a 4GB USB stick

42. On Wednesday, March 2 2011, 13:48 by Christian Lorandi


Then probably you got some corruption in persistent changes files.

If it was related to dropbox you should be able to fix it by deleting PixieLive-beta2/changes/home/pixielive/.dropbox and PixieLive-beta2/changes/home/pixielive/.dropbox-dist from your pendrive (when PixieLive is not running) because everything about dropbox is stored there.

Let me know if it works please, Christian

43. On Thursday, March 3 2011, 09:57 by Alastair

The problem is still there. Time to reformat my USB stick and start again?!

44. On Thursday, March 3 2011, 10:21 by Christian Lorandi


if you want to find the problem i suggest:

  • remove the file PixieLive-beta2/settings/dropbox_settings.lzm
  • try to boot pixielive without persistent changes

  • if it still doesn't work, try to rename the entire settings directory in something else (it's like deleting it but you can get your files back)
  • try to boot pixielive without persistent changes

  • if it doesn't work save you settings, Documents and changes directories, format your pendrive, reinstall, and place the directory you saved on the new installation
45. On Thursday, March 3 2011, 23:20 by Alastair

Too late, I'm afraid!

I reformatted and re-installed to the USB stick.

Strange thing is everything is working, apart from the fact that Skype no longer recognises my built-in web cam. Any ideas?



46. On Friday, March 4 2011, 00:00 by Christian Lorandi


no idea, if it was recognized before it should be recognized also now...

47. On Sunday, March 6 2011, 22:35 by Alastair


Well after a few reboots the web cam is working again! :-)

Can you please confirm exactly which directories I should backup to enable a quick re-installation with all my current settings?



48. On Sunday, March 6 2011, 22:40 by Alastair


Another quick question for you. Is there any way to calibrate the touchscreen? It appears to be working, but it doesn't matter where I touch the screen, the cursor is always placed in the top left hand corner. I am assuming this is just a calibration issue?

The PsiXPDA/Eking S515 uses an eGalax touchscreen controller, which I can see is recognised form dmesg.

Thanks again,


49. On Monday, March 7 2011, 08:44 by Christian Lorandi


  • about backups, important directory are:
    • settings: there are the save_settings.lzm inside, stickynotes, and osmo data
    • Documents: the Documents dir
    • changes: the "persistent changes" feature lives here
  • about eGalax, probably you will need an eGalax driver, i will try to make a package as soon as possible, but i cannot test it since i don't have any touch device... (you can also try to install it by yourself, if it doesn't require kernel sources)

50. On Monday, March 7 2011, 22:58 by hairmare

I just recently discovered pixielive and it helped me finally realize what i was doing wrong regarding my own gentoo based stuff for the gma500 chipset. thanks alot!

Anyhow, as I just upgraded my gentoo system to a reasonable state I might as well contribute some LZMs to pixielive. As a start here is the lastfm.lzm i currently use.


I still have some things I need from my netbook so expect some additional, yet exotic, packages from me over the next couple of weeks.

@Christian Thanks for the great legwork and for pointing out linux-live, it kinda blew my mind.

51. On Tuesday, March 15 2011, 01:42 by vanokh

I've tried 1.1beta2 on my Acer 751 (intel GMA 500) - great performance! 1080p trailer playing smooth on vaapi.

But it's only in 1280x768 mode. 1366x768 failed with "failed monitor check (illegal horizontal timing)" in Xorg.log. Also tried 1366x768 (and other - 1368x768, 1360x768, 1360x765) in xrandr - the same with "configure crtc 0 failed"...

Does anybody have correct timing or workaround how to set it up?

52. On Friday, April 8 2011, 00:08 by Raven007

any chance for a sshd module? I am using this as a digital sign and would like to ssh into it for reboots occassionally. Thanks

53. On Friday, April 8 2011, 09:33 by Christian Lorandi


it should be already present. It's included for sure into the new PixieLive2-RC1

# /etc/init.d/sshd start to start it manually

# rc-update add sshd default to add it to the default runlevel

# Save Runlevels Settings into the PixieLive menu to save your modified runlevel