DropBox for PixieLive-1.1beta2

DropBox is a free file hosting service able to sync your netbook, phone, tablet and desktop automatically. 2GB of free space to save your files, keep you devices synced, and share files with your friends (yes, you can share folders with your friends)

Here you can find the module for PixieLive.


  • Since it sync your computer you should place your Dropbox folder into the Documents directory, which is saved on your pendrive and it will not be deleted at every reboot
  • You can save your Dropbox settings as usual with the PixieLive-->Save Dropbox Settings menu, to avoid to insert your username and password at every reboot
  • If you use PixieLive with persistent changes you can place the Dropbox directory where you prefer and you don't need to use the Save Settings menu
  • You start with 2GB, and you can get 250MB more registering with my link, you can also get some more free space by completing some more steps here, you can easily reach 3GB of free space.
  • It could work also on PixieLive-1.0, not tested yet
  • Features

If you register an account with this link, you will get 250MB more to store your files, and you will give also 250MB more to me.

module download --> DropBox-1.0.20


1. On Thursday, June 9 2011, 01:52 by Robin


Will this dropbox module still work for PixieLive 2.0?


2. On Thursday, June 9 2011, 08:40 by Christian Lorandi


yes, it works on 2.0 too (just tested)