PixieLive-2.0 RC1

First and hopefully Last release candidate for PixieLive-2.0, many new features, and some fixes included:

  • Most Programs as separated modules
  • Network Manager with VPN support
  • Bradcom Wireless Drivers (additional module)
  • LibreOffice
  • BlueTooth modem support
  • USB 3G modem support (additional module)
  • TOR (optional)

included programs:

  • adobe-flash-
  • audacity-1.3.12
  • chromium-10.0.648.133
  • cwiid-20110107-r1
  • deluge-1.3.1
  • emacs-23.2-r2
  • ffmpeg-0.6_p25767
  • filezilla-
  • firefox-3.6.15
  • gimp-2.6.11-r1
  • gnome-mplayer-1.0.0
  • gnome-utils-2.32.0-r1
  • gparted-0.5.2
  • gqview-2.1.5
  • gtkam-
  • gtkperf-0.40
  • gvim-7.3.50
  • imagemagick-
  • inkscape-0.48.0
  • libreoffice-3.3.1
  • libva-0.31.1_p4
  • liferea-1.6.5
  • mesa-progs-8.0.1
  • mplayer-vaapi
  • openbox-
  • opera-11.01.1190
  • osmo-0.2.10
  • pidgin-2.7.11
  • skype-
  • wine-1.2.1
  • wireless-security-software
  • zsnes-1.51-r2

Additional Modules:


fell free to test it and comment, more bug report ==> more bug fixes :-D

md5sum: 530a3859a2641124a7f9197e4ff36d4a *PixieLive2-RC1.tar

download --> PixieLive2-RC1

alternative download link (on free file hosting site): PixieLive2-RC1.tar


1. On Friday, April 8 2011, 21:00 by asndo

I cannot download it. It keeps stopping between 35-90%... :(

2. On Friday, April 8 2011, 22:43 by Christian Lorandi


try with some download manager which allow download resuming, like http://www.downthemall.net/

3. On Saturday, April 9 2011, 21:16 by Tanino

@Christian Lorandi

Hi Christian,

I tried PixieLive-2.0 RC1 and unfortunately I couldn't connect to Internet by my 3G pen-drive, while with PixieLive1.1beta2 I can. Could you help me for this?

Best regards,

4. On Sunday, April 10 2011, 08:24 by Christian Lorandi


tank you for the bug report, for unknown reason i did not include the module... and same thing for broadcom drivers... ops... you can download them from here


5. On Monday, April 11 2011, 21:00 by Tanino

@Christian Lorandi

Hi Christian,

now I can connect, but the touch pad of the netbook almost doesn't respond (the pointer moves with incredible difficulty).

Could you help me for this?

Best regards,

6. On Monday, April 11 2011, 22:09 by Christian Lorandi


was it working before the addition of the modem-and-broadcom.lzm ?

Which computer is it? Do you know the touchpad model?


7. On Tuesday, April 12 2011, 20:35 by Tanino

Hi Christian,

before the addition of modem-and-broadcom.lzm I remember there was the same type of problem but after such addition it became much worse.

I have an Acer netbook - AO751h. I haven't found the touchpad model.

Awaiting your feedback,
best regards,

8. On Wednesday, April 13 2011, 10:11 by Christian Lorandi


it's a strange behavior, have you checked the tar md5 before extracting it?

what i suggest is to start from the beginning, checking the md5sum of the downloaded file, format the pendrive, and then proceed with a clean installation, without the usb_modeswitch module, test it, then add the module and test again


9. On Wednesday, April 13 2011, 20:17 by Tanino

@Christian Lorandi

Hi Christian,

I agree with you, it is a strange behavior, with PixieLive-1.1beta2 this didn't happen on same netbook.
How can I check that

md5sum: 530a3859a2641124a7f9197e4ff36d4a *PixieLive2-RC1.tar ?

Thank you and best regards,

10. On Thursday, April 14 2011, 00:32 by Raf

Hi Christian !
I'm a happy user of PixieLive 1.1b2 !
Thanks ! You do a great job !
I've tried to download with FF, Downthemall, and even wget the 2.0RC1 version of PixieLive but unfortunatly it doesn't work.
Can you help me ?
Best Regards.

11. On Thursday, April 14 2011, 08:25 by Christian Lorandi


* open a gnome-terminal

* run "md5sum /path/to/your/PixieLive2-RC1.tar"

* compare the result with the one i published


i can try to upload it somewhere else, it's so strange... what is the problem? is the download stopping at some percentage?

12. On Thursday, April 14 2011, 10:28 by eric

Hi Christian:

May I know which driver you used to support GMA500, can I migrate it to Fedora linux?

thank you

13. On Thursday, April 14 2011, 11:47 by Christian Lorandi


the driver is the EMGD-1.5.2, i don't know about Fedora sorry

14. On Thursday, April 14 2011, 17:03 by Zak

Any chance for the download link working? Would like to try it out. Have a Acer Aspire 0751h

15. On Thursday, April 14 2011, 18:41 by Christian Lorandi


just started the upload, the download will be back in about 6 hours (slow ADSL...), sorry for the inconvenience...

16. On Thursday, April 14 2011, 23:33 by Tanino

@Christian Lorandi

Hi Christian,

I checked the md5sum of the PixieLive2-RC1.tar file and I found it to be exactly the one you pubblished here above.

Best regards,

17. On Friday, April 15 2011, 07:28 by Christian Lorandi


download ready

18. On Friday, April 15 2011, 08:41 by Christian Lorandi


alternative download link: PixieLive2-RC1.tar

19. On Friday, April 15 2011, 13:23 by Raf

@ Christian Lorandi

Hi Christan !
Thanks !
I have downloaded the tar file, the md5 is correct.
I will try the hard disk installation on my EeePC 1101HA this evening.
Best Regards.

20. On Sunday, April 17 2011, 17:45 by Raf

@ Chistian Lorandi

Hi Christian !
The hard disk installation was successful but when i open a term there is an error : "-bash: /home/pixielive/.bash_profile: Input/output error".
Is it because i have put "rw" on the kernel boot parameter ?
Best regards

21. On Monday, April 18 2011, 09:10 by Christian Lorandi


nope, the "rw" is needed, i just tried installation to HDD and it works fine on my computer (same model as your)

* which filesystem are you using on your partition?

* are you using persistent changes? 

* could you post the bootloader configuration on http://pastebin.com?

22. On Monday, April 18 2011, 21:04 by Raf

@Christian Lorandi

I use a ReiserFS partition on my root partition (I have no separated boot partition).
I use persistent changes.
I have post my menu.lst on pastebin under the name "menu.list of Raf"
Best regards

23. On Tuesday, April 19 2011, 01:15 by Alastair

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for including the eGalax touchscreen drivers. Works perfectly on my PsiXPDA / Eking S515.

24. On Tuesday, April 19 2011, 03:01 by Alastair

OK - spoke too soon!

It looks like the persistent changes option isn't working. On reboot the screen resolution is not remembered and I am prompted for a username and password.

It looked like the PixieLive changes directory was not specified correctly in bootmenu.cfg. I tried changing this to APPEND initrd=/boot/initrd.gz ramdisk_size=9000 root=/dev/ram0 max_loop=256 rw changes=/PixieLive2-RC1/ but still the same problem on restart.

Any ideas?

25. On Tuesday, April 19 2011, 08:32 by Christian Lorandi


sure, many ideas :-)

* you are right, i forgot to change the changes directory, but you already changed it in the correct way

* to set the right resolution for your device you can use the Xemgd=1111x222 cheatcode in bootmenu.cfg

* to avoid problems, i suggest to wipe the whole content of PixieLive2-RC/changes (while the system is NOT running) (after saving your data if there are some) and retry with the cheatcode

* which filesystem are you using? The answer for password is pretty strange, is it a clean installation or did you tried an upgrade?

26. On Tuesday, April 19 2011, 08:45 by Christian Lorandi


* you can safely remove some cheatcodes since they are no more needed (AllowSuspension, libva-update), but it seems ok

* the resume=/dev/sda1 is not needed if you have only one swap partition, it will find it automatically

* is it a clean installation or are you using an old changes dir?

* may be a filesystem problem, i will try with reiserfs and then i will let you know, but it would be strange

27. On Tuesday, April 19 2011, 15:19 by Christian Lorandi

i forgot to include wxGTK- into the RC1, it's needed to run audacity and filezilla, just download it and place it into the modules directory

Christian Lorandi

28. On Tuesday, April 19 2011, 22:55 by Raf

Problem solved ! My files ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc were empty ! after I have created them no more error message.
thank you very much Christian.
PS : another bug i noted (since PixieLive 1.1) the file /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.devicekit.power.policy must be created for deleted a boot or shutdown (I don't remember) error message.

29. On Wednesday, April 20 2011, 13:51 by chris

I downloaded the file, uncompressed it and followd the instructions to make it bootable on a usb stick.
It's not working, the computer does not boot from it. I tried it on linux and windows. I checked if the partition is bootable on the stick, and it is.
So what did i do wrong?

Greetings, -chris-

30. On Wednesday, April 20 2011, 15:22 by Christian Lorandi


boot from USB should be enabled in the computer BIOS, or you should press some keys to select the boot device at boot.

On my computer, you can do it by pressing ESC during the computer startup, immediately after pressing the power button, press it some times, till you reach the boot device selection page, then select your USB device (on some other computers you should use F2, F10 or F12 instead of ESC)


31. On Sunday, April 24 2011, 01:31 by Tony

I for the life of me cannot even get this to boot on a usb drive. I ran the .bat file and it said it made my usb bootable but when i run it from the bios nothing appears just a blank screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated, im new to gentoo linux and not really sure how to go about installng this.

32. On Tuesday, April 26 2011, 14:53 by TracyP

Fired up this morning on an Acer AspireOne AO751h. The TouchPad requires a heavy finger to run smoothly. Any options for getting this to be a lighter touch?

33. On Tuesday, April 26 2011, 17:41 by TracyP

Nevermind, seems I need to use a different finger on the touch pad.

@Tony - If you are on Windows Vista or 7, the .bat file will need administrative privileges.

34. On Wednesday, April 27 2011, 08:26 by Christian Lorandi


thank you for the answer to Tony :-)

about the AO751h touchpad... i tested it, and you are right, gotta make some tests to try to fix it, it's not properly a bug, but the interaction with the touchpad on that model is a little bit difficult

i will try to tweak the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.psb


35. On Friday, April 29 2011, 12:21 by tista

Hi Christian.

did you remember me?
now we had released new EMGD 1.6.1-1952 for Ubuntu.
then I want you and your users to join some performance test.
yeah that's easy. to run gtkperf only. you have?

because now I'm referring to 2D performance profiling on vairous distro.

if felet free, post your results here and I would pick them up from here.


36. On Friday, April 29 2011, 18:35 by Christian Lorandi


hi, i read your posts on the ubuntu forum gma500 thread some times :-)

i will make the test during this weekend, i will also try to implement the emgd-1.6 (i didn't see them before)

37. On Monday, May 2 2011, 08:39 by Christian Lorandi


Test on PixieLive2-RC1 - EMGD-1.5.2 - ASUS EEEPc 1101HA

GtkEntry - time:  0.26
GtkComboBox - time:  5.48
GtkComboBoxEntry - time:  3.94
GtkSpinButton - time:  2.11
GtkProgressBar - time:  2.08
GtkToggleButton - time:  2.52
GtkCheckButton - time:  0.75
GtkRadioButton - time:  1.13
GtkTextView - Add text - time:  3.87
GtkTextView - Scroll - time:  3.94
GtkDrawingArea - Lines - time:  3.63
GtkDrawingArea - Circles - time: 204.40
GtkDrawingArea - Text - time: 19.22
GtkDrawingArea - Pixbufs - time:  1.55
Total time: 254.89

the circle time is so long, strange...


38. On Monday, May 2 2011, 11:40 by tista


yeah we had also issues on "drawing circles".. and I hadn't any solutions for it..

anyway thanks again Christian! lol


39. On Wednesday, May 4 2011, 11:56 by Christian Lorandi

@TracyP @ Tanino:

i made a new version of the touchpad driver, try it and let me know if it works better on your computer please

download: xf86-input-synaptics-1.4.0.lzm

40. On Wednesday, May 4 2011, 23:07 by Tanino


I replaced previous xf86-input... file with the new version. I have found maybe a slight improvement (I don't know if Tracy will agree), but for sure the problem isn't completely solved (as it was in PixieLive1.1beta2).

Best regards,

41. On Monday, May 9 2011, 18:56 by Timlastar

Unable to make the how-to "install on usb drive" ...
/boot/dos/PixieLiv.bat doesn't like 64bits-OS and
I got the error "LINLD need 386+ CPU in real mode or under VCPI manager" ...

Thanks for your help

42. On Tuesday, May 17 2011, 09:00 by Christian Lorandi


I'm sorry, i'm not expert in windows, may be you should try to use compatibility mode set to WinXP

43. On Wednesday, May 18 2011, 09:50 by asndo

The brightness regulation does not work and everything is too dark to make it usable for me. I am working on EEEPC 1201HA.

44. On Wednesday, May 18 2011, 12:40 by Christian Lorandi


have you tried the hotkeys? the panel is not working, but with the keyboard it should be ok

45. On Wednesday, May 18 2011, 19:01 by asndo

The maximum on hotkeys is still darker than the brightness level I used on the previous version of pixie (which was not however the maximal level there). Is there something you could do about that?

46. On Thursday, May 19 2011, 08:24 by Christian Lorandi


i don't know what to make about your brightness,

in the next release (3.0) i just started to work on (kernel-2.6.38) a driver for GMA500 brightness should be included, but with kernel 2.6.36 i don't see any solution