PixieLive-2.0 Released!!!

Finally it's out! Fell free to download it

Gentoo Linux + linux-live.org based live ditribution for GMA500 (aka poulsbo, psb) equipped netbooks.

It works on other kinds of hardware anyway, most of kernel drivers are compiled in.


  • Most Programs as separated modules
  • Network Manager with VPN support
  • n
  • Bradcom Wireless Drivers
  • LibreOffice
  • BlueTooth modem support
  • USB 3G modem support
  • TOR (optional)

included programs:

  • adobe-flash-
  • audacity-1.3.12
  • chromium-10.0.648.133
  • deluge-1.3.1
  • ffmpeg-0.6_p25767
  • filezilla-
  • firefox-3.6.15
  • gimp-2.6.11-r1
  • gnome-mplayer-1.0.0
  • gnome-utils-2.32.0-r1
  • gparted-0.5.2
  • gqview-2.1.5
  • gtkam-
  • imagemagick-
  • inkscape-0.48.0
  • libreoffice-3.3.1
  • libva-0.31.1_p4
  • liferea-1.6.5
  • mplayer-vaapi
  • openbox-
  • opera-11.01.1190
  • osmo-0.2.10
  • pidgin-2.7.11
  • skype-
  • wine-1.2.1
  • wireless-security-software


root password: toor

download: PixieLive-2.0.torrent

Additional Applications 2.0


1. On Thursday, May 19 2011, 09:36 by Julius

Fantastico, grazie mille per il tuo lavoro, ora andrò a provare Pixielive appena arriva!

2. On Monday, May 23 2011, 23:25 by redfish

Nice one. However, it doesn't detect my screen brightness and the slider doesn't work. I'm using Acer Aspire One 751ah. It used to work in previous release.

3. On Tuesday, May 24 2011, 08:28 by Christian Lorandi


it has been reported also by another user, the only advice is to use the hotkeys, they should work. If it is still too dark, i don't know, i will take a look but this bug is difficult to solve

4. On Tuesday, May 24 2011, 14:02 by Redfish

actually my screen brightness is set to somewhere near max. Hotkeys won't work for me unfortunately.

I've also tried the install to harddisk (sda7 for me) with
cd /mnt/sda7
mkdir PixieLive
cp /mnt/sdb1/PixieLive2/* /mnt/sda7/PixieLive -R
cp /mnt/sdb1/boot/initrd.gz /mnt/sda7/PixieLive
cp /mnt/sdb1/boot/vmlinuz /mnt/sda7/PixieLive

and I'm using these lines in Grub

title PixieLive (on /dev/sda7)
root (hd0,6)
kernel /PixieLive/vmlinux ramdisk_size=9000 root=/dev/ram0 changes=/PixieLive/
initrd /PixieLive/initrd.gz
#linux bottable partition config ends
However when I boot I keep getting
/linuxrc: line 26: usleep: not found

I had this in previous versions too. Did I do something wrong with the cp command?

5. On Tuesday, May 24 2011, 14:06 by Redfish

Oh and screen brightness worked correctly in last release.
I made a typo in the line where the kernel is located. Obviously it's /PixieLive/vmlinuz and not vmlinux as I've typed.

6. On Tuesday, May 24 2011, 14:42 by Christian Lorandi


* you forgot the "rw" on the kernel line, everything else seems to be ok, i will retry this on my laptop asap

* which is the last version you tested with working brightness?

7. On Tuesday, May 24 2011, 16:38 by Redfish

using rw got me a lot further
I had to change the PixieLive directory name to PixieLive2 as the release looks for this directory specifically.

However, now I'm stuck at:
recreating /etc/fstab and /mnt directories
changing root directory...
linux live end, starting PixieLive2
/linuxrc: line 328: can't create dev/console: Read-only file system

I already added the ext_writing_fix to the PixieLive2/modules directory

Screen brightness worked for me in version 1.0. I haven't tried PixieLive after that because I couldn't get it to boot from my HDD.

8. On Tuesday, May 24 2011, 16:46 by Redfish

Weirdly enough after I tried to boot from harddisk and that message popped up, booting with persistant changes from USB also doesn't work anymore. Same error.

Live USB booting works fine from same USB stick.

9. On Tuesday, May 24 2011, 18:41 by Christian Lorandi


* you cannot mix PixieLive1 and 2 modules, you should not put the ext2 fix module inside, it's not needed

* the error you obtain with persistent changes from USB is due to the fact that the distro find the changes directory on your disk, and use it, so you get the same error as booting from the HDD

* PixieLive-1 comes with a completely different graphical driver (psb instead of emgd), that's why the brightness control doesn't work anymore

* i will test the boot from HDD with your settings, give me some minutes to install it

10. On Tuesday, May 24 2011, 19:00 by Christian Lorandi


* test completed, everything it works correctly, so ill post the grub config you should use...

#PixieLive2 start
title PixieLive2 (/dev/sda7)
root (hd0,6)
kernel /PixieLive2/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=9000 root=/dev/ram0 max_loop=256 changes=/PixieLive2/ rw
initrd /PixieLive2/initrd.gz
#PixieLive2 end

that's it, everything should work fine, but, before trying it, do a clean installation:

* boot from pendrive or from the old PixieLive-1.0

* get rid of the PixieLive2 directory on your HDD

* copy a new PixieLive2 directory on your HDD

* put vmlinuz and initrd.gz inside PixieLive2

* if there is a changes directory inside PixieLive2 (on you HDD) delete it

* set up the grub configuration

* reboot

* enjoy


* remember to not mix PixieLive-1.0 and 2.0 modules, compatibility is not guaranteed (fail is almost surely guaranteed :-)

let me know, Christian

11. On Wednesday, May 25 2011, 15:08 by Redfish

Works for me.
I only had to add rw to the line with kernel
so mine shows:
kernel /PixieLive2/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=9000 rw root=/dev/ram0

Otherwise I got the usleep error again

Thanks for a nice release. Now I finally have and OS on my Atom netbook that's relatively fast and useable at the same time.

12. On Wednesday, May 25 2011, 16:20 by Redfish

One more question. Is it possible for PixieLive to save settings automatically? After reboot I had to reconfigure everything again.

I have the changes=/PixieLive2/ in my grub, so why doesn't it save changes?

13. On Wednesday, May 25 2011, 16:42 by Christian Lorandi


that's strange, i suggest to boot from PixieLive-1.0 and delete PixieLive2/changes directory and try again (and check your grub config)

14. On Saturday, May 28 2011, 19:01 by Redfish

How can I see network shares? I do have a file server so I could access the files through a browser, but I'd like to see my samba shares.

15. On Monday, May 30 2011, 08:26 by Christian Lorandi


  • the gnome way 1: Places-->Connect to Server...-->Windows share
  • the gnome way 2: Places-->Network (if you can browse the network)
16. On Thursday, June 2 2011, 16:16 by Matrix

Works nicely on the fujitsu u820 with the following showstoppers:
1) the EMGD driver isn't configured to support 1280x800 and seems to ignore custom modelines. 1280x768 works but the bottom 32 pixels show the first 32 pixels
2) possibly related to the EMGD driver, but mplayer will not actually playback video. Tried with all the video outputs, but in retrospect did not try alternate audio outputs which could also be the problem

Surprisingly, the u820's touchscreen was automatically detected (in need of calibration). Also noted that the EMGD doesn't seem to support xrandr rotation modes?

Would appreciate any advice or feedback

17. On Sunday, June 5 2011, 09:31 by Robin

I downloaded the torrent but strangely I found no one is seeding pixielive 2.0? Any alternative methods?

18. On Sunday, June 5 2011, 14:37 by Christian Lorandi


strange, there are an average of 6 seeders, please, retry and let me know, i will set it up as normal download if you are still unable to download it


  • Have you tried the Xemgd=1280x800 cheatcode?
  • randr is disabled by default on EMGD, i will take a look if there are workarounds
  • about mplayer: if doesn't work with "mplayer FILENAME" (from the terminal) there is no way to make it work probably, to enable video acceleration you should use mplayer -vo vaapi -va vaapi FILENAME , this works only for some video codec
19. On Sunday, June 5 2011, 19:59 by bourane

Well done !

I tried many disto to make that GMA500 working and PixieLive finally did it !

Xorg was freezing but i just added "i915.modeset=1" to the kernel boot line to slove the problem.

Now i was wondering if there is a way to use it as a standard gentoo install? or have you made some ebuilds for EMGD ?
My computer isn't a eeepc but a TV-box so i intend to replace gnome, the mouse and the keyboard by Enna and a remote.


20. On Sunday, June 5 2011, 20:16 by Robin


I tried again, and I'm downloading it now... Hopefully things work out nicely for me :)

21. On Monday, June 6 2011, 08:37 by Christian Lorandi


technically you could extract every module.lzm to obtain a standard gentoo distro, i haven't any ebuild for emgd, i compiled them manually.


22. On Saturday, June 11 2011, 15:41 by Thiyagu


Today i just tested this great distro on my acer 751h.

Its rocking.. I cant belive that i finally got a perfect distro for me....

Thanks a lotttttt !!!!

One small issue am facing.. when i navigate to my windos partitions.. am not able to view my mydocuments and other folders where i have a huge collection of songs and movies.. It just shows empty folder..

I couldnt figure out !!

Once again thanks for the great distro.....

23. On Sunday, June 12 2011, 13:14 by Redfish

I'm having trouble saving setting for Opera. I get an error message saying "config not ready".

I also can't use Avahi SSH and VNC browser. It says: daemon not running.

I managed to browse my network shares, but as always you'll have to do a proper mount (to /mnt) to stream anything(songs/movies) in most applications in Linux.

24. On Monday, June 13 2011, 09:40 by Christian Lorandi


  • mmm, never had this problem, may be a permissions problem? have you tried if they are visible as root?


  • about avahi, take a look in /etc/init.d/ you can start the daemon with /etc/init.d/DAEMONNAME start (as root)
  • yes, you may need to mount shares to use them with applications different from nautilus
  • about Opera, ops, i forgot the Opera Widget Manager thing... just open System->Preferences->Opera Widget Manager then close it, and save your Opera settings :-)
25. On Monday, June 13 2011, 11:35 by Redfish

Alright, we're starting to get there...
A couple more questions:

I've changed the font size in appearance but how do I save this change?
I've also removed a shortcut from the panel, and added a link to Opera Browser, but after every reboot it's gone again. How can I save this?

26. On Tuesday, June 14 2011, 08:47 by Christian Lorandi


to save custom settings you can use the "Save Custom Settings" entry, which is a list of files and directories which will be saved, so you need to know which files were modified after you changed your settings.

One method to discover those files is to search in /mnt/live/memory/changes for files modified in a certain range of time, example:

  • do not work with the computer for 10 minutes,
  • then make your settings modification,
  • then search for files modified in the last 5 minutes
once you discover them, just write the path (without the /mnt/live/memory/changes part) into the Save Custom Settings list, if there are many files to save, you can write the path of the folder containing all of them.

Pay attention:
  • often gnome wait some time before writing your settings into files, so it could be needed to wait some time between the settings modification and the file research (and of course saving), you could try to logout and back in to force gnome to save settings in the files
  • if the settings you are looking for are in /home/pixielive/.gconf there are some files named %gconf.xml, even if they are empty, they are needed.
  • most of gnome settings are in /home/pixielive/.gconf, you can put this path into you Save Custom Settings and save them all
27. On Tuesday, June 14 2011, 19:49 by Redfish

Could you tell me where I can find that custom settings list?

28. On Wednesday, June 15 2011, 08:29 by Christian Lorandi


Applications-->PixieLive-->Save Custom Settings

29. On Thursday, June 16 2011, 17:05 by Redfish

I don't see a list there. Just the option to save the settings. You're talking about adding paths to a list. Can't find that there. Sorry.

30. On Friday, June 17 2011, 08:55 by Christian Lorandi


damn, gtkdialog (needed for custom settings) is not included in 2.0 so the list doesn't work, i will release the module as soon as possible

31. On Friday, June 17 2011, 11:12 by Christian Lorandi


you can download the package here: gtkdialog.lzm

32. On Monday, June 20 2011, 21:04 by Redfish

Thanx! I tried it and now the shortcut was immediately saved after adding it and also the font remained the size I set it to. I used save custom settings after adding the path.

It only didn't save my desktop background which I changed, but that's not really that big of an issue.

Thanks again!

33. On Friday, June 24 2011, 14:23 by Fred

@Christian, Robin:

I had the same "seed" problem, and even re-trying it didn't work...
Lately I found out it was Peerblock 's fault (it's actually blocking all pixielive connections.. strange..)

34. On Friday, July 8 2011, 19:31 by backlagan

No success with Vaio X. The screen lights with white color, and brightness keys didn't work.

35. On Saturday, July 9 2011, 20:10 by Momo

Hi, it was working fine for me for a while but alot of times I try to open programs in the applications tab, and nothing happens. E.g. I try to open opera and nothing happens, i also tried the terminal and it didn't open as well, the only thing that works is "computer" in the desktop

36. On Saturday, July 9 2011, 23:37 by s6

Is the older psb driver included in this distro? I cannot manage to run emgd on UL11L chipset (GMA500 slowest and defective relative), whatever resolution I put under 'Xemgd='...

37. On Sunday, July 10 2011, 00:06 by Redfish

Another one: I keep getting a message in skype and at bootup that the timezone hasn't been set. How can I change this?

38. On Monday, July 11 2011, 19:49 by Niop

Very impressive work !

is it possible to make a special version of pixielive, live pixiemediacenter with Xbmc, or Xbmc Standalone ? that will be wonderfull with the capabilities of the Poulsbo graphic card !

thanks again for your work !

39. On Tuesday, July 12 2011, 08:48 by Christian Lorandi


strange behavior, it seems a corruption of your files or pendrive filesystem, since it works for everyone else


the psb driver is included into the 1.0 version, 2.0 contains emgd


you can change it in /etc/conf.d/clock


it's possible, i will do it when i have a moment

40. On Tuesday, July 12 2011, 22:35 by Redfish

I highly doubt that XBMC will run smoothly on Poulsbo. The Intel GMA500 is about the crappiest videocard you can get in a laptop.

41. On Wednesday, July 13 2011, 08:58 by Christian Lorandi


well, with "it's possible" i mean install the software, get it to work smoothly is another thing :-) gotta test it

42. On Wednesday, July 13 2011, 23:07 by Momo

I guess it could be the pendrive, ill try using a different one, maybe the one im using has been damaged due to repeated formatting

43. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 09:50 by Ivan

Hi Christian. I have a problem running the bootinst script. At line 27 it says bad permission.

44. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 09:56 by Ivan

sorry it says:

./bootinst.sh: 27: Bad substitution

45. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 12:42 by Christian Lorandi


it seems like you are running the script in a shell different from "bash" (may be sh), which system is it?

try to take a look if /bin/bash is a symlink to something else with the command:

ls -l /bin/bash


46. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 14:58 by Ivan

this is the output:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 801808 2010-08-10 21:58 /bin/bash

I tried also to create the boot from windows but the usb pen doesn't work. The system stops during boot (at the beginning when the GRUB info are shown).

47. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 15:06 by Ivan

I run the following command
ls -l /bin/sh and I saw it is linked to dash. Could be a problem? How can I run the script with the bash? I have an ubuntu 10.04LTS.

48. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 15:12 by Ivan

sorry, the script works now, but I get this error now

/boot/bootinst.sh: line 53: ./boot/syslinux/lilo: Permission denied

49. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 15:18 by Christian Lorandi


- bash seems to be ok (when you run the script it will be executed automatically with /bin/bash)

- grub? there is no grub on pixielive... do you mean the blue screen where you can choose the boot options? or the grub installed on your computer?

may be you have some files corruption or filesystem corruption on the pendrive, have you tried to format the pendrive as FAT32 and re-extract PixieLive on the fresh partition?

50. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 15:20 by Christian Lorandi


- which filesystem do you have on your pendrive?

- are you running the command as root? (sudo or su)

51. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 15:29 by Ivan

I tried the script with fat32 and ext4. I run ubuntu as root right now, but with no success.

52. On Thursday, July 21 2011, 15:46 by Christian Lorandi


fat32 is the easiest choice, but if it doesn't work with a clean fat32 installation i don't know what else to suggest,

it worked for everyone else, may be your pendrive is not compatible with PixieLive, but it's strange

53. On Friday, July 22 2011, 09:27 by Ivan

Ok Christian. Thank you for your support. The problem was the launchpad in my sandisk pen, I had to remove it. One more question:

I have a problem during boot, it says this:
.. (searching for livecd.sgn)
Fatal error occured - PixieLive2 data not found.
You are maybe using an unsupported device (eg. SCSI or old PCMCIA). How can I fix it?

54. On Friday, July 22 2011, 09:59 by Ivan


I had to add ACPI=off during boot

very good job!

thanks for your support

55. On Friday, July 22 2011, 10:27 by Christian Lorandi


glad to be helpful


56. On Saturday, July 23 2011, 16:31 by Ivan

I tried to copy some new lzm packages (downloaded from slax website) to the /Pixielive/modules directory. But after reboot the packages have not been loaded.

Am I missing something?

I need the tslib package for touchscreen support.

I tried also to convert packages to lzm using commands like tgz2lzm, but the system tell me that I dont have the installpkg program.

Can you help me with this?


57. On Saturday, July 23 2011, 17:26 by Christian Lorandi


Slax is based on Slackware, PixieLive is based on Gentoo and completely compiled from sources (by me).

Slax (or Porteus) packages cannot work on PixieLive, sorry

about the driver, i will see if it will be possible to make a package for you


58. On Tuesday, August 16 2011, 12:00 by Mrak

sorry to ask again, but I did not find final solution in this forum to my problem. I have Acer 751h and Pixielive 2.0 works fine on it, except brightness. Its the same issue which Redfish mentioned before. Is there any solution for this?

thanks in advance

59. On Friday, August 26 2011, 20:43 by goulart

Man, first of all i really appreciate your job, congratulations and thank you very much.

Well, i have an acer ao751h with gma500 and poulsbo. I`ve installed pixie live 2.0 in a usb pendrive kingston 4gb, on fa32 format.

the system starts normally but the applications simply doesn`t run.

I can use namoroka and filemanager the others i click on the link in aplications menu but i get nothing!

any idea what it could be?

thank you!

60. On Friday, August 26 2011, 20:44 by goulart

a sorry i forgot to tell about the resolution, it shows on the tray but when i click on de icon to acces de preferences it doesn`t shows up.

61. On Friday, August 26 2011, 20:58 by goulart

I can't see partitions in ntfs format too!
I will try to make the live usb distro in ubuntu.

62. On Sunday, August 28 2011, 08:09 by Christian Lorandi


it seems like you have a corrupted download or installation, there are no reasons to get just some programs working, i suggest you to format your pendrive and make a clean install (if it doesn't work you can try with a new download)


63. On Tuesday, August 30 2011, 01:54 by goulart

Good News! I've install the pixielive2.0 in a usbdrive on xubuntu and all the features runs smoothly! but i still can't see the files in a partition with ntfs system! But the problem is not the format because i can see the partition where windows7 is installed. I suppose that maybe can be a problem of authorization. If it is how should i proceed?

Thank you for attention e very fast reply.

64. On Tuesday, August 30 2011, 02:30 by g0ulart

And i`ve tried to mount the partition in another directory as root but the password that you told, toor, tells me that its not correct.

65. On Tuesday, August 30 2011, 09:36 by Christian Lorandi


the password is correct, probably you tried to use sudo, i don't know if it was configured, try with su please


66. On Tuesday, August 30 2011, 19:27 by g0ulart

I`ve tried to use them both but when i use ¨sudo¨ the system tells me that the password is incorrect and when i use ¨su¨ the system tells me that the ¨mount ¨ command does not exist.

It´s not the path, because i check with file manager if the path really exists.

i´ve tried the link in menu called ¨root terminal¨ and by the way it works, but i still can´t mount partition.

One another thing that i noticed after access the partition in ntfs format is that i can see only the folders but can´t use the files!

It Seems to be a authorization problem.

The system is very well organized, especially when you separate the partitions by ¨Hard disks¨ ¨Boot device¨ e etc.

Great work.

67. On Friday, September 2 2011, 08:21 by Khalid

Dear Christian, Thanks for your work and support for gma500 , i have downloaded the torrent and have tried to install it into 3 different USB drives on Ubuntu 11.04
unfortunately all my attempts were not successful
due to this error:
./bootinst.sh: line 53: ./boot/syslinux/lilo: Permission denied

i am really not sure what to do next and i really would like to try PixieLive

many thanks

68. On Monday, September 5 2011, 08:34 by Christian Lorandi


did you run ./bootinst.sh as root? (using sudo?)

69. On Monday, September 5 2011, 17:39 by Khalid

yes i had to run it as sudo bash ./bootinst.sh it wouldnt run otherwise in ubuntu 11.04

70. On Wednesday, September 7 2011, 08:26 by Christian Lorandi


which filesystem do you have on your pendrive?

71. On Wednesday, September 7 2011, 18:21 by Khalid

Fat 32

72. On Thursday, September 8 2011, 09:13 by Christian Lorandi


that's so strange, the only thing i can suggest is to wipe the partition table of the pendrive (using fdisk), make a new one (using fdisk) with a single fat32 partition, format it as fat32 (using mkfs.vfat), and retry


73. On Friday, September 16 2011, 19:59 by vik

I want to use the PixieLive Linux on a normal PC with vesa resolution 1024x768. Is there a cheat code i can use. Where i can find all nessesery cheat codes; and there for ATI, NVIDIA or IBM standard cards. I have only old Standard Graphic Cards not very powerfull and some Onboard. And, thanks! PixieLive 2.0 is a great thing on my ASUS 1101HA. Is there a way for the standby switch when the lid is closed?

74. On Monday, September 19 2011, 08:54 by Christian Lorandi


  • there are no cheat codes at the moment for standard cards, but if it's a dedicated boot device you can copy a valid xorg.conf in PixieLive/rootcopy/etc/X11 with all the xorg settings you need
  • about lid closed... System->Preferences->Power Management but after you should save the changes with Save Custom Settings adding /home/pixielive/.gconf/apps/gnome-power-manager/ to the list and save
75. On Sunday, September 25 2011, 21:21 by mentur

It's a pitty that the only download option is torrent file.

I don't understand why don't you have direct download? Sourceforge and other webs offer it

76. On Monday, September 26 2011, 09:04 by Christian Lorandi


months ago i tough to add direct download too, i could host them easily on this site without additional costs, but:

  • i received 2*10€ as donations in more than 1 year with over 1000 downloads
  • the hosting cost 30€ / year
  • so the balance is -40€
==> i really don't see any reason to add new services, torrent works, enjoy it

77. On Tuesday, October 25 2011, 00:59 by Jaroslav

First of all, thank you very much Christian!! The distro you created works almost perfectly on my damned Acer AO751h, and that's not trivial!! I encountered just one problem: I can't obtain the native resolution of the monitor (1366x768)...any idea about how I can afford this little trouble??
Thank you in advance.

78. On Tuesday, October 25 2011, 09:08 by Christian Lorandi
strange... it's the default resolution of PixieLive... you can (and may be you did it...) use a custom xorg.conf just by placing it in PixieLive2/rootcopy/etc/X11 or saving it into an lzm module or changing it while using Permanent Changes

anyway, /etc/X11/xorg.conf is the xorg config file, take a look, change what you need and save it in PixieLive2/rootcopy/etc/X11

if you save it as PixieLive2/rootcopy/etc/X11/corg.conf.psb it should be used just on GMA500 equipped netbooks
79. On Tuesday, October 25 2011, 19:05 by Jaroslav

@Chrstian Lorandi

Thank you for your prompt response. I tried what you suggested, but without any success! I created a xorg.conf.psb where under the subsection "Display", I put Modes "1366x768", and, despite of it, no success....I can obtain a maximum of 1280x768. The link where I found my xorg.conf is http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/index.ph...
I don't know whatelse to do..!Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

80. On Tuesday, October 25 2011, 19:45 by Jaroslav

Now I have noticed another probleme...I cannot use emerge! I'd like to install new software....but it seems I can't..! Could I know how to get and install new packages??
Thank you again, and sorry for my annoyng questions!!=)

81. On Tuesday, October 25 2011, 22:01 by Jaroslav

Oh yeah!!Finally I managed to obtain the native resolution for my AO751h!! If anyone has had my same problem, here you are few lines that you need to edit (maybe more exactly "to add"!) in the xorg.conf file:

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "LVDS"
ModelName "LCD Panel used by EMGD"
Modeline "1366x768" 72.00 1366 1414 1446 1494 768 771 777 803 -hsync +vsync

Thank you again Christian for your awesome distro!!=) In the near future I'll ask you some other questions to solve other problems that surely are going to occur!XD

82. On Wednesday, October 26 2011, 15:58 by Christian Lorandi


to install new packages just extract a portage snapshot into the /usr/portage directory, and you will have a working gentoo portage

but the problem is to save the packages you compile, i don't have the time to explain how to do a package, it's a little complicated specially with dependencies, but if you use persistent changes it should not be a problem...


83. On Tuesday, December 27 2011, 21:13 by David

Hi I am new to linux. I am runnin pixie off a usb on a Dell mini 1010. I am not sure where to use the cheat code to adjust the screen size. Any help would be great.

84. On Monday, January 2 2012, 09:26 by Christian Lorandi


in the blue screen, the first with the PixieLive logo, press TAB and you can add the cheatcode


85. On Saturday, January 7 2012, 17:22 by Alex

Great Linux! It works great on my Asus Eee T91MT netbook. I've been looking for something like this for a long time now.

Question, how do I save my desktop settings (i.e. removing shortcuts, adding shortcuts, removing the sticky note, etc.)

Thanks. I'm a newbie at this so any help would be appreciated.


86. On Monday, January 9 2012, 12:21 by Christian Lorandi


  • about adding shortcuts and stuff to the desktop, just add /home/pixielive/Desktop to "Save Custom Settings", (remember to add gtkdialog to you PixieLive2)
  • about removing stuff... it's too complicated to explain if you don't know how to work with PixieLive modules, they are in some modules but it's not a good idea to modify them unless you know how to do it in a safe way...
  • sticky notes are saved automatically, creation and destruction of notes is saved after reboot, if you mean remove the applet from the bar... you should look somewhere into the aaa-pixielive-home.lzm if i'm not wrong, bot never try to modify the module while the system is running

note: NEVER modify or delete any module while PixieLive is running and that module is loaded, or you will mess up the filesystem where the module is stored

87. On Tuesday, January 24 2012, 14:46 by Ushita

Hi I Cant Download With torrent....
it's looks like that torrent file didnt work at all in iran...
pls help and if it's ok 4 ya pls upload it so we could download it directly from the net :)
ty 4 helping us with GMA500
w8ing 4 ur comment buddy

88. On Friday, January 27 2012, 11:11 by geco

Hi Christian,
I would love to download PixieLive and try it on my Nokia Booklet but it looks like there are no seeds ...
When you have some time, can you have a look into this?
Thanks for your hard work.

89. On Monday, January 30 2012, 16:09 by Christian Lorandi

@Ushita, @geko:

PixieLive-2.0 available for download at http://pixielive.org/PixieLive-2.0.tar

90. On Sunday, February 12 2012, 12:27 by Tanino

Hi Christian, first of all thank you for your great new PixieLive 2.0.

I would need your help to solve a problem on my AO751H:
when trying to put Full screen option on a Youtube video I get "The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed".

Thank you in advance.
best regards,

91. On Monday, February 13 2012, 08:38 by Christian Lorandi


i'm sorry, but i really don't know how i could solve the problem, i cannot modify the flash plugin, it's provided as binary package


92. On Monday, February 13 2012, 21:19 by Tanino

Hi Christian, thank you for your feedback.

I thought installing a proper update of Adobe Flash plugin (I found many of them for Linux, I tried to install one, but I couldn't) would solve this problem.

Best regards,

93. On Sunday, July 29 2012, 06:02 by danilo

login: root
password: toor
Is that it?
And then what? This still doesn't start the OS. ???

94. On Monday, July 30 2012, 10:04 by Christian Lorandi


i can't understand what you mean...

do you have problems booting the system?

starting the graphical interface?

you should not need to use that login data to start the system...

95. On Monday, January 28 2013, 14:11 by Jimage

Is there a known fail with emerge in this version? I'm encountering errors at the compile phase with most packages I try to install. Some packages install, but most just crash out during make.

Just tried a fresh copy and ran fsck on the partition, and it's still doing it. Ran emerge --sync and then emerge portage, and readline's make gives me:
"make[1]: *** [libhistory.so.6.2] Error 1"

Trying to install libsdl eventually dies with "econf failed".
emerge m4 results in "make[2]: *** [autoupdate] Error 134"

Is this part of the complicatedness that makes you reluctant to support installing software with emerge, or have I broken something pretty fundamental?

96. On Tuesday, January 29 2013, 11:26 by Christian Lorandi


well, i don't know the problem exactly, theoretically "emerge --sync" followed by "emerge portage" should install the new portage and everything should be ok.

Do you have the /etc/make.conf ?

Have you tried to move it in /etc/portage ?

I never tried emerge --sync while running the live distro...