gtkdialog for PixieLive-2.0

needed for Save Custom Settings

it allow to easily write dialog windows, it's needed is you want to use the Save Custom Settings function since i forgot to include it into the release

download --> gtkdialog.lzm


1. On Wednesday, July 20 2011, 02:00 by Alastair

Hi Christian,

The only problem I am having with the latest Pixielive distribution is that it is always prompting me for a username and password. I choose persistent changes from the boot menu and then have to enter pixielive/pixielive at the login screen. I even tried enabling automatic logins for the user pixielive, but I still get the login screen.

I have even tried completely re-installing Pixielive.

Any ideas?

Thanks again for all your great work!

2. On Wednesday, July 20 2011, 02:53 by Alastair

OK - very weird. Now I am finding that it is sometimes not asking for a password. Is there anything that could explain this strange and inconsistent behaviour?

3. On Wednesday, July 20 2011, 09:57 by Christian Lorandi


not really, if you start every time with persistent changes it should behave always in the same way...

(of course if you don't start with persistent changes it will not use the "persistent saved" settings, but only the settings saved manually with the Save Settings menu)