PixieLive3RC1 Released

After a long time, PixieLive is back with a brand new release candidate. Most of the requested features were added (Chinese websites support, docky, rhythmbox, calibre, various network drivers). As usual the gma500 (a.k.a. poulsbo, psb) is supported (using the emgd-1.16 driver)


  • Settings saved in several different ways (if the boot device is writable):
    • some directories in the $HOME are mounted in the PixieLive3RC1 directory on your pendrive (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Templates, Videos)
    • on demand save settings (for normal settings, as usual in PixieLive)
    • live changes, for data and settings which change frequently (email {yes we have thunderbird}, dropbox {yes, it saves on your pendrive}, sticky notes, calibre, torrents, calendar {osmo}, wifi networks)
    • encrypted settings (for sensitive data {browsers, email, dropbox settings, pidgin, skype, filezilla, wifi passwords})
    • encrypted storage (~/Private directory encrypted, so you can safely save your sensitive documents on you pendrive)
  • Dropbox (which saves automatically on you pendrive)
  • Thunderbird (which saves automatically on you pendrive)
  • Enlightenment (ultra light desktop environment)

[PixieLive3-RC1.torrent!!!Cheatcodes (to be specified on the bootloader "blue" screen):

  • fulllive -> disable every kind of persistent changes, nothing will be saved on your pendrive
  • nobind -> doesn't bind mount the data directories from the Pendrive to the $HOME
  • nochanges -> doesn't use the settings saved "on-demand"
  • nolivechanges -> doesn't use the live_changes (settings saved automatically, for email, sticky notes, calendar, dropbox and calibre)
  • encfs -> activate the encryption for sensitive data (changes, live_changes and directory Private), it will ask for a password
  • unsafepasswords -> allow the save-settings script to save unencrypted sensitive data (i.e. even if encfs is not used)
  • noload=packages,list > do not load the specified .lzm modules (e.g. noload=emgd -> do not load emgd-1.16.lzm module, the gma500_gfx kernel module will be used instead, this coud work also for gma600)
  • keepxorgconf -> avoid the system to replace the xorg.conf (if you saved it) when you using the emgd driver
  • zram -> enable zram (ram compression system) system
  • X=(no,e17,openbox,gnome,default) -> select the default desktop manager ("no" means X will not be started)
  • Xemgd=1024x768 -> change the default resolution for the emgd driver

As usual PixieLive comes with a big software selection:

Desktop environments:

  • Gnome-2.32.1 (default, with openbox as windows manager)
  • Enlightenment-0.17.1
  • Openbox


  • gcc
  • qt-creator


  • Crack-attack
  • Battle for Wesnoth
  • ZSnes (SNES emulator)


  • Darktable (RAW images editor)
  • GIMP (Image editor)
  • Geeqie (Image Viewer)
  • Gtkam (Download your images from the camera)
  • Inkscape (Vector graphics editor)


  • gVim
  • Emacs


  • Calibre (E-book library manager)
  • Freemind (Mind-mapping software)
  • LibreOffice (Free office suite)
  • LaTeX
  • Lyx (Frontend for LaTeX)
  • Osmo (Personal Organizer)
  • Texmaker (LaTeX development Environment)
  • TeXstudio (LaTeX development Environment)


  • Chromium (Open-source version of Google Chrome web browser)
  • Deluge (BitTorrent client)
  • Dropbox (Online files syncing)
  • FileZilla (FTP client)
  • Firefox (Web broswer, for license problems called Aurora in PixieLive)
  • Liferea (News, feed RSS reader)
  • Opera (Web browser)
  • Pidgin (Chat and istant messaging)
  • Skype (Chat, instant messaging and VoIP client)
  • Thunderbird (Mail and news reader, for license problems called EarlyBird in PixieLive)


  • Audacity (Record and edit audio files)
  • Cheese (Take photos and videos with the webcam)
  • Mplayer (Media player)
  • Rhythmbox (Audio player and organizer)

Network Analysis:

  • Aircrack-ng
  • Ettercap
  • Kismet
  • Metasploit
  • Nmap
  • Zenmap
  • Wireshark


  • Docky (The finest dock no money can buy)
  • Wine (For windows programs)
  • GParted (Partition manager)
  • xvkbd (Virtual Keyboard for touchscreens)

Known bugs:

  • RadeonHD cards are known to have some problems loading, if you can solve them, please let me know


  • If you want to try enlightenment you will have to logout from gnome, select enlightenment as session type, and login or use the X=e17 cheatcode
  • You can change users passwords and save them with the "Save System Settings (/etc)" program
    • Default Username: pixielive Password: pixielive
    • Default root Username: root Password: toor
  • If you want to test it on a GMA600 try filtering the emgd package with the cheatcode noload=emgd


  • To install on a USB pendrive just:
    • extract the content of the iso on the pendrive
    • DO NOT RENAME the PixieLive3RC1 directory
    • change directory to PixieLive3RC1/boot
    • run the script ./bootinst.sh


  • This is a Release Candidate, it's not supposed to be 100% stable... I decline any liability for persons, property damage or especially direct, indirect, immediate or subsequent pecuniary loss which may result from the use of PixieLive3RC1. Especially excluded is liability for hardware damage, loss of data, alteration of data, or downtime.

Download Torrent



If this software helped you enough, feel free to donate.


1. On Thursday, April 11 2013, 23:49 by adam

Just a quick one incase anyone else get's thrown this error.

After burning the ISO to a USB disk for some reason I just get thrown the grub menu as if it is missing the config file, I tried reflashing it a few different ways but didn't fix it. Also tried to boot grub manually but it didnt work cleanly.

To resolve I put the thumb drive back into a windows machine and opened cmd.exe, went to the thumb drive:\PixieLive\boot and ran "bootinst.bat", and away it went!

Initial impressions are fantastic - wifi is working straight off the bat! :)

It's fast and it's definitely given my crappy old inspiron 1010 a new life!

I'll give it a good run over the next few days and let you know if I find any issues - looks great so far - well done! :)

2. On Friday, April 12 2013, 02:35 by adam

It's running really good, the only suggestion I can think of right now is a desktop link to a "script that will install PixieLive on the hard disk".

That might be easier said than done, but it would make it into a proper Live ISO.

Failing that, maybe a quick set of instructions somewhere on how to get it copied onto a hard disk and the boot sector updated so you can install it from a thumb drive and get it up and running.

Apart from that, it's awesome - you've done a really amazing job and I'll be donating next pay day! :)

Thanks again!

3. On Friday, April 12 2013, 14:37 by Christian Lorandi


about the boot error: 

  • how did you "burn" the iso to USB? "dd if=image.iso of=/dev/USBDRIVE" or extracted the content and copied?
  • did you rename the PixieLive3RC1 directory?

as far as i know bootinst.bat (from linux) or bootinst.sh (from linux) are always necessary if you install on an USB drive, to install the bootloader

about the autoinstall script:

I will never provide an autoinstall script for several reasons:

  • if something goes wrong (and it may easily happen with an automatic tool, just think about linux installations of 10 years ago) people may loose their data. I don't want them to blame me :-D
  • writing that kind of tools take a lot (i.e. weeks or months) of time i don't have
  • a proper LiveISO is not necessarily installable, that is a non-live one

I will write a guide about how to install it manually, so:

  1. people will know it's harmful and they could lose data
  2. people will do everything by themself
  3. people will learn something new about the system
  4. from point 1. and 2. derives: people cannot blame me for possible data loss

what do you mean for "install PixieLive on the hard disk"?

Installing "like a standard distribution" or kind of "Copying the live to the HDD and booting from it"?

if the answer is the second one, there is already an old guide i wrote for PixieLive-1 or 2: How-to-install-it-on-you-HDD

It's not updated but you need just to update files and directories names

Thank you for your feedback


4. On Saturday, April 13 2013, 02:53 by adam

With the boot error, tried dd & also from a windows machine to burn the ISO to a thumb drive using http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ which also did the same thing - maybe it's something funny with my particular thumb drive but once I ran the bootinst it fixed it

I'll have a look at that "howto" later today - yes I meant having Pixie as the main distro on the machine (ie, installed on the hard disk and not booting from a thumb drive).

The GMA500 support & general lightweight'ness of Pixie means the machine is usable again - it's better than any other OS I have tried before! Definitely gives the machine a new life! :)

5. On Friday, April 19 2013, 14:28 by Alin

Hello Christian,

Thanks a lot for these release, it works wonderful!

I have one problem: my Vaio P21Z/Q shows only a reduced screen and I have not 1600x768 resolution (only 1366x768). The GC is GMA500.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks again for your big work! :-)

6. On Saturday, April 20 2013, 14:40 by Christian Lorandi


did you try using the Xemgd=1600x768 cheatcode?

In the bootloader page (the first blue screen with the PixieLive mode selection) press TAB and add the cheatcode Xemgd=1600x768 to the command line

let me know if it works

thank you, Christian

7. On Sunday, April 21 2013, 14:25 by goeran

Thank you for your nice work for my good old eeepc. Would it be possible to add the source files for the emgd kernel module?


8. On Sunday, April 21 2013, 15:24 by Christian Lorandi


you can download them from the intel website: http://www.intel.it/content/www/us/en/intelligent-systems/intel-embedded-media-and-graphics-driver/emgd-for-intel-atom-systems.html


9. On Tuesday, May 7 2013, 23:46 by joaquin

Im tryin to download by torrent but is really imposible, 2 days trying and any seeder. There is a direct download available? I would really apreciate.

10. On Wednesday, May 8 2013, 09:14 by Christian Lorandi


actually, there is at least one seeder (me), but the tracker (linuxtracker) seems to be down...

i will setup a direct download as soon as possible

11. On Thursday, June 20 2013, 08:29 by Haste

I'm unable to run pixie 3 RC1 on based Dell Inspiron Mini 1210 :(

I had installed it on a thumb drive and it starts to boot, but however after completing the initial boot when transition to GUI happens, a flash of display corruption happens and the screen goes black and it stays like that forever. It seems to be some issue with display driver. Can you suggest anything which might be able to help. My detailed system specifications are below:

1.33 GHz Intel Atom Z520 Processor
Intel GMA500 Graphics
80GB PATA Hard Drive
Broadcomm BCM4312 Wireless

Linux Mint 14 runs on it without any issues, however its slow.

12. On Monday, June 24 2013, 14:51 by Christian Lorandi


as far as i know, the natural resolution of the Dell Inspiron Mini 1210 is 1280x800, did you try using the Xemgd=1280x800 cheatcode? You should press TAB in the bootloader screen and add it to the line which appears.

Let me know if it works, thank you, Christian

13. On Tuesday, June 25 2013, 17:09 by Haste

Thanks for replying me back Christian. However that option doesn't seem to help. Its still the same behavior.

14. On Tuesday, June 25 2013, 17:38 by Christian Lorandi


strange, i don't know how to fix it then, the only thing i can suggest at the moment is to use the noload=emgd cheatcode, but this will disable the emgd driver and use the gma500_gfx instead, obtaining the same effect you have on linux Mint probably

anyway, give it a try if you can


15. On Wednesday, June 26 2013, 14:01 by Haste

Yes, I tried that already. But with similar result. Here, I see 4 4 red colored dots on top of my screen very close to the edge which move their position as i move my fingers across touchpad. Rest of the screen is black.

16. On Wednesday, July 3 2013, 13:55 by skebb

I`ve got a Sony p11z and I have a problem with the screen. It only uses 80% of the Sonys screen. The remaining 20% at the right side are black.
I try other resolutions and the mem=1900MB cheatcode, but that didn`t solve the problem. At least I tried noload=emgd. It did not solve the problem.


17. On Thursday, July 4 2013, 09:18 by Christian Lorandi


apparently we had a lot of graphical issues with this release.

I will prepare a new one as soon as possible (also because libreoffice-4 was recently marked as stable), I hope the new release will solve these problems.


18. On Thursday, July 4 2013, 09:57 by skebb

Thanks for the quick answer and for the good job with this distro.
I hope, that the new release iscoming soon.