PixieLive4 almost ready

Good evening PixieLive users, a new version is on the way!

I'm trying to fix an issue with fglrx Radeon HD drivers (ati-drivers) which causes X to crash when starting firefox (and other softwares) on a Radeon HD system with AMD processor and is probably related to the CFLAGS i used, so I'm re-compiling the system with generic (a.k.a. safer) CFLAGS, cross your fingers.

You may ask "why PixieLive4 if there were no PixieLive3?"

Well, because a lot of time passed since i released the latest stable release (PixieLive2) and the new version will bring LibreOffice-4, so --> PixieLive4

Sneaky Peek into PixieLive4 new features:

  • Encrypted data storage
  • nVidia Optimus support
  • Copy.com synced storage
  • n
  • Claws-mail (light email-client IMAP,POP3,SMTP, much lighter than thunderbird)
  • Continuous file saving for email clients (you can use thunderbird or claws-mail on your live system)
  • Save Settings for every program separately, On-Demand
  • Academic and Development Software (R, octave, LaTeX, qt-creator, gnuplot, arduino)
  • Support for every graphic card, not only for Netbooks (hopefully, i have to fix the AMD-Radeon issue)
  • The whole software selection will be customizable by removing unneeded packages

Dropbox will be replaced with Copy.com

due to an issue while syncing on the live system.

Copy.com comes with 15GB of free space, if you register using my referral link https://copy.com/?r=tEP9h1 we will get both 5GB of free space ( 15+5=20GB of free online storage)

Other important software updates:

  • Gimp-2.8 (brings the long waited "Single Window Mode")
  • Firefox-24
  • LibreOffice-4
  • Scribus (Desktop publishing with CMYK support)
  • Arduino (program your arduino everywhere, you just need to bring your PixieLive4 pendrive system with you)
  • Hedgewars (do you remember Worms? One of the best games ever, here we have a free clone)

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