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Friday, November 8 2013

PixieLive4 Released

After a long time, PixieLive is back with a brand new release including a new Boot Menu, updated programs, and some new entries.

The software selection can be completely tuned by removing the unneeded packages, ranging from 500 MB to about 2000 MB as explained Here

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Monday, April 8 2013

PixieLive3RC1 Released

After a long time, PixieLive is back with a brand new release candidate. Most of the requested features were added (Chinese websites support, docky, rhythmbox, calibre, various network drivers). As usual the gma500 (a.k.a. poulsbo, psb) is supported (using the emgd-1.16 driver)


  • Settings saved in several different ways (if the boot device is writable):
    • some directories in the $HOME are mounted in the PixieLive3RC1 directory on your pendrive (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Templates, Videos)
    • on demand save settings (for normal settings, as usual in PixieLive)
    • live changes, for data and settings which change frequently (email {yes we have thunderbird}, dropbox {yes, it saves on your pendrive}, sticky notes, calibre, torrents, calendar {osmo}, wifi networks)
    • encrypted settings (for sensitive data {browsers, email, dropbox settings, pidgin, skype, filezilla, wifi passwords})
    • encrypted storage (~/Private directory encrypted, so you can safely save your sensitive documents on you pendrive)
  • Dropbox (which saves automatically on you pendrive)
  • Thunderbird (which saves automatically on you pendrive)
  • Enlightenment (ultra light desktop environment)

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Thursday, February 23 2012


Since many of you asked for it, the alpha is here!

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Monday, January 30 2012

Direct Download for PixieLive-2.0

Since we had some problems with torrent, a direct download link for PixieLive-2.0 is available: http://pixielive.org/PixieLive-2.0.tar

Friday, June 17 2011

gtkdialog for PixieLive-2.0

needed for Save Custom Settings

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Monday, January 24 2011

PixieLive-1.1beta2 is out

Waiting for the new EMGD driver (for xorg-1.9) i prepared this version, some new features inside:

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Tuesday, August 31 2010

Fix for ext installation

This is a fix to allow PixieLive to automatically save StickyNotes and to link Documents even if you are booting from an ext(2,3,4) partition

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Friday, August 27 2010

Some New Applications

Some new Applications for your PixieLive, mostly editors for programmers, video drivers and video players with hardware acceleration!!!

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Wednesday, August 25 2010

First Update (nautilus preview disabled):

Nautilus preview feature has been disabled by default to improve performance on netbooks, download after the jump...

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